Hurricane smacks Mexico's west coast

Weeks after Hurricane Isidore battered Mexico's east coast, Hurricane Kenna forced more than 170 LDS families from their homes on the nation's west coast between Puerto Vallarta and Novillero.

There were no deaths or injuries to Church members or missionaries reported following the Oct. 25 storm. Four people were killed and over 25,000 affected, including 80 member families whose homes received major damage or were destroyed, according to the Church Welfare Department.

Winds in excess of 145 mph, up to 30 inches of rain and storm surges of 20 feet damaged thousands of homes and businesses in western Mexico. Displaced members were reported as being sheltered in meetinghouses in the Tepic Mexico Stake or with friends and relatives in areas less affected.

The San Blas meetinghouse lost its roof and received other damage. Meetinghouses in Hidalgo and Santiago were also damaged, the Church Welfare Department reported.

Local Church leaders were providing assistance to members using local welfare resources while the Mexico South area presidency was considering an appropriate Church humanitarian response.

Hurricane Isidore hit Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula on Sept. 22, forcing some 800 member families from their homes and severely damaging the area's vital agricultural industry.

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