Messages of inspiration from President Hinckley

A day of thanks

The giving of thanks to Deity is essentially a religious act. It is an acknowledgment of the belief . . . in the generous outpouring of the blessings of God upon us as a nation. It is a most remarkable and wonderful thing that the people of the United States of America have written into their law, as well as into their custom, the setting aside of a day to honor, acknowledge, and thank the Father of us all for His beneficence unto us. I hope that this unusual holiday is so ingrained into our national culture that it will never be removed or challenged in any way.

From Salt Lake Eighteenth Ward Thanksgiving social, Nov. 21, 2000

Be honest with the Lord
Youth of the Church:
I haven't the slightest concern about the future of this Church as I see our young people.
Youth of the Church: I haven't the slightest concern about the future of this Church as I see our young people. Photo: Photo by Sarah Jane Weaver

The Lord cannot bless you unless you are obedient to His commandments. I hope, therefore, that you pay your tithes and offerings. Be they large or small, be honest with the Lord, and He will open the windows of heaven and pour down blessings upon you that there will not be room enough to receive them.

From member meeting, Nadi, Fiji, May 21, 2001

Death — a new phase of life

We treasure life, we love life, we cling to life, and we should. Life is a gift of God . . . and it matters not whether we die young or old, for we shall go on living. Death will not be the end. We will step across the threshold into a new phase of life. But as this has been a phase, so that also will be a phase.

From Payson Utah Regional Conference, Sept. 16, 2001

Go forward with faith and prayer

There may be some lean days ahead for some of you. There may be troubles. None of us can avoid them all. Do not despair. Do not give up. Look for the sunlight through the clouds. Opportunities will eventually open to you. . . .

No matter the circumstances, I encourage you to go forward with faith and prayer, calling on the Lord. You may not receive any direct revelation. But you will discover, as the years pass, that there has been a subtle guiding of your footsteps in paths of progress and great purpose.

Satellite broadcast, CES Fireside, Sept. 9, 2001

Life is eternal

I can testify to this entire world that I know that life is eternal, that it is everlasting, that the grave is not the end, that those who die young or old shall go on living.

Every man and every woman will be given the opportunity to stand before the bar of God, and will be expected to make an accounting of himself or herself concerning that which has been done with his or her life.

From Payson Utah Regional Conference, Sept. 16, 2001

Peace of Christ

Today has been a day that will be remembered always in the annals of our beloved nation. It has been a day when the ugly face of hatred has shown itself with terror, death and destruction. It has been a day when uncounted numbers of the innocent have perished, and their loved ones have been left to sorrow. Many have been wounded, and this our nation has been seriously injured and insulted. . . .

We have been reminded that evil is still rampant in the world. Its insidious and dastardly hand has struck again in a most reprehensible manner. . . .

But dark as is this hour, there is shining through the heavy overcast of fear and anger the solemn and wonderful image of the Son of God, the Savior of the World, the Prince of Peace, the exemplar of universal love, and it is to Him that we look in these circumstances. It was He that gave His life that all might enjoy eternal life.

May the peace of Christ rest upon us and give us comfort and reassurance.

From National Association of Insurance and Financial Underwriters, Sept. 11, 2001

Thank you

Thank you, wonderful Latter-day Saints, for what you are and what you stand for and for what you are trying to do. Thank you for your faith and your testimony and your conviction. Thank you for the goodness of your lives, for your faith, for your prayers, for your sustaining power.

From member meeting, New York, N.Y., March 24, 2002

Youth of the Church

As we look to the future, I see our young people in the Church. I see a lot of them. I see them all over. And I am absolutely enthusiastic about the quality of their lives, their strength, their goodness, their faithfulness. I haven't the slightest concern about the future of this Church as I see our young people. They study the scriptures. They go to seminary and institute. They pray about their decisions. They socialize among themselves in a wonderful atmosphere of faithfulness. They are on their way to becoming strong, and faithful, and able Latter-day Saints, who will deliver when they are called upon to do so.

From Deseret News interview, Feb. 25, 2000

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