New stake presidencies

Two new stakes have been created, one in France and the other in Arizona.

The Queen Creek Arizona Stake, which includes the Chandler Heights, Desert Wells, Ironwood, Johnson Ranch, Ocotillo and Skyline wards and the Queen Creek (Spanish) branch, has been created by Elder H. Bruce Stucki of the Seventy.

The Toulouse France Stake, which includes the Carcassonne, Montpellier, Nimes, Perpignan, Toulouse Capitole and Toulouse Concorde wards and the Albi, Beziers, Montauban, Rodez and Tarbes branches, has been created by Elder Wayne S. Peterson of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Brazil, England, Finland, France and the Philippines, and in Arizona, California, Kentucky, Minnesota and Missouri.


QUEEN CREEK ARIZONA STAKE: (Oct. 27, 2002) Created from the Gilbert Arizona San Tan Stake. President — Russell L. Richardson, 49, owner of Arizona Commercial Refrigeration; wife, Sheila Celeste Stanford Richardson. Counselors — Danny R. Riggs, 59, owner of Riggs Bros. Farms; wife, Karin Jane Kerby Riggs. Rod M. Matheson, 58, lawyer at Gibson, Matheson, Lallis & Friedlander; wife, Norma Lee McInerney Matheson.

TOULOUSE FRANCE STAKE: (Sept. 22, 2002) Created from the Carassonne France District. President — Jean-Paul E. Guerinot, 56, sales representative for IBMFrance; wife, Marie-Jose Camille Renee Arnaud Guerinot. Counselors — Jose Serrano-Ortega, 47, chef; wife, Antonietta Milone Serrano-Ortega. Jean-Paul Perez, 50, pastry chef; wife, Daniele Charlotte Marie Therese Joly Perez.


BORDEAUX FRANCE STAKE: (May 6, 2001) President — Bernard Hau TranCong, 51, engineer for G. Euro Consultants; succeeding Jacquie Simonet; wife, Maud Foucher Tran-Cong. Counselors — Olivier Pierre Seube, 43, music teacher; wife, Bernadette Olympe Paulette Nautre Seube. Jean-Luc Verrieras, 41, receiving supervisor for Connex Bordeaux; wife, Nadia Dubain Verrieras.

CAGAYAN DE ORO PHILIPPINES STAKE: (May 6, 2001) President — Romelo C. Concepcion, 32, self-employed farmer; succeeding Pedro M. Bahian; wife, Maria Christina Itchon Concepcion. Counselors — Eduardo A. Dela Cruz, 33, self-employed; wife, Preciosa Enerio Ladao Dela Cruz. Norman C. Insong, 39, coordinator for Church Educational System; wife, Barbara Ann Fabre Perez Insong.

COLUMBIA MISSOURI STAKE: (May 6, 2001) President — Michael J. Reall, 52, coordinator for Church Educational System; succeeding John C. Jorgensen; wife, Shela Mae Clark Reall. Counselors — James R. Layton, 46, state solicitor for Missouri Attorney General; wife, Cynthia Rose Hepp Layton. Rodney C. Smith, 51, vice president of policyholder services for Missouri Employers Mutual; wife, Karen Ann Blomquist Smith.

DANVILLE CALIFORNIA STAKE: (May 20, 2001) President — Steven C. Edgren, 51, vice president of Goldman Sachs; succeeding Larry Y. Wilson; wife, Martha Susan Roark Edgren. Counselors — Richard S. Kopf, 56, managing director of Fremont Group; wife, Doreen Heiner Kopf. Michael L. Peterson, 39, vice president of Merrill Lynch; wife, Shelley Pinegar Peterson.

DULUTH MINNESOTA STAKE: (Oct. 13, 2002) President — Howard Eugene Pihlaja, 67, retired chief pilot for Northwest Airlines; succeeding John G. Hancock; wife, Gabriele Anneliese Schroeder Pihlaja. Counselors — Richard Alan Davis, 41, professor at University of Minnesota Duluth; wife, Elsie Velasco Davis. James Joseph Denny, 46, cytotechnologist at St. Luke's Hospital; wife, Beth Carlyle Bradley Denny.

FRESNO CALIFORNIA NORTH STAKE: (May 20, 2001) President — Jon Morgan Parker, 46, vice president of James G. Parker Insurance Association; succeeding Larry Ray Lawrence; wife, Jenny Lyn Cleveland Parker. Counselors — Sherman Kent Sowby, 52, professor at California State University-Fresno; wife, Karen Harline Sowby. Michael James Clason, 46, self-employed contractor; wife, Vicki Irene Anthony Clason.

HELSINKI FINLAND STAKE: (May 6, 2001) President — Ismo Uljas Maatta, 50, area manager and member of management group; succeeding Sven Olof Eklund; wife, Erja Sisko Birgitta Hamalainen Maatta. Counselors — Juha Pekka Lehtinen, 46, general manager of Lucent Finland; wife, Ulla Katriina Vusitaco Lehtinen. Timo Tapani Koponen, 41, multi-language supervisor for Church area office; wife, Sirkka Marjatta Antikainen Koponen.

HOPKINSVILLE KENTUCKY STAKE: (Oct. 20, 2002) President — Donald Arthur Moore, 51, dentist for U.S. Army; succeeding Michael A. Richardson; wife, Sylvia Sidney Butler Moore. Counselors — Mark Delmar Miller, 47, oral and maxillofacial surgeon; wife, Charlotte Greenwell Miller. Lorin Clay Boggs, 44, district conservationist for USDA-NRCS; wife, Frances Lynne Swavely Boggs.

PLYMOUTH ENGLAND STAKE: (Oct. 20, 2002) President — Ian Gordon Jolliffe, 44, management director for GIG PLC; succeeding David Robert Irwin; wife, Nichola Claire Goodsell Jolliffe. Counselors — Paul David Martin, 49, pensions secretariat manager for Western Power Distribution; wife, Linda Mary Cave Martin. Dale F. Page, 50, owner of West Coast Leasing; wife, Julie Lorraine Manning Page.

LINCOLN NEBRASKA STAKE: (May 20, 2001) President — Arnold J. Bateman, 56, assistant vice chancellor for University of Nebraska; succeeding F. Greg Burton; wife, Terry Diane Madsen Bateman. Counselors — Wayne K. Miller II, 53, business consultant for W. Miller & Co.; wife, Sherrie Allen Miller. Richard Bischoff, 35, associate professor at University of Nebraska; wife, Jennifer Ann Murphy Bischoff.

LIVERPOOL ENGLAND STAKE: (March 18, 2001) President — David James Hoare, 38, group finance manager for TAJ Harrison; succeeding Raymond William Turner; wife, Karen Lesley Schofield Hoare. Counselors — Ian David McKie, 48, teacher at Merchant Taylors School; wife, Julie Catherine Holland McKie. Craig Spencer Oliver, 26, trainee solicitor for Berrymans Lace Mawer; wife, Nicola Lindsey Arrowsmith Oliver.

MARINGA BRAZIL STAKE: (May 6, 2001) President — Mauricio da Gloria Gonzaga, 37, manager for Cocaman; succeeding Dirceu Freire; wife, Claudia Sceppa Gonzaga. Counselors — Jose Adalberto Firmino Boh Da Silva, 57, self-employed plastic artisan; wife, Maria Aparecida Milani Da Silva. Marcos Orfila Ikeda, 33, owner of Victoria Commodities; wife, Mara da Gloria Gonzaga de Ikeda.

ST. LOUIS MISSOURI SOUTH STAKE: (Oct. 20, 2002) President — David K. Sylvester, 41, sales manager for St. Louis Gutter & Siding Inc.; succeeding Dennis R. Elder; wife, Myra Del-Carmen Medina Sylvester. Counselors — Donald L. Wallace, 57, self-employed real estate broker; wife, Diane L. Defford Wallace. Flint E. Finlinson, 43, president of Propaganda Inc.; wife, Freda Jo Patton Finlinson.

SHOW LOW ARIZONA STAKE: (Oct. 13, 2002) President — Michael Don Seaman, 50, business manager for Show Low Schools; succeeding Jay John Waite; wife, Kimberly Lewis Seaman. Counselors — Gary Marvin Perkins, 48, engineer for Motorola; wife, Darlene Rawlins Perkins. Joel Ace Weeks, 48, community services director for City of Show Low; wife, Diane Louise Sandorf Weeks.

SOUTH WEBER UTAH STAKE: (May 6, 2001) President — David G. Crittenden, 48, controller for Sinclair Oil Corp.; succeeding Donald Jack Keyes; wife, Renske Jane Haslam Crittenden. Counselors — Michael D. Farr, 40, owner and manager of Asael Farr & Sons Co.; wife, Cindy Lynn Chambers Farr. Dallas H. Buckway Jr., 39, president of Carpetmart Inc.; wife, Shirlene Gailey Buckway.

VILLAHERMOSA MEXICO STAKE: (April 15, 2001) President — Carlos Federico Reyes M., 58, state coordinator for secretary of health; succeeding Rodolfo Salas Garcia; wife, Rosa Maria Cuesta M. de Reyes. Counselors — Jesus Alfonso Ortiz T., 36, regional coordinator for educational and cultural society; wife, Olya Lidia Ochoa M. de Ortiz. Jose Fernando Chiu J., 44, teacher; wife, Maria del Carmen Pola C. de Chiu.

VILLAHERMOSA MEXICO GAVI- OTAS STAKE: (April 22, 2001) President — Jose Fidel Lopez P., 47, assistant manager of Rural Credit Bank; succeeding Alfredo Anieres Ortega. Counselors — Guillermo Jimenez C., 35, business representative for Corfuerte S.A.; wife, Magaly Leon L. de Jimenez. Francisco Indalecio Muiz L., 29, surveyor for Pemex; wife, Maria Elena Rincon A. de Muiz.

YUMA ARIZONA STAKE: (May 6, 2001) President — David K. Nelson, 53, general manager for Royal Medjool Date Farm; succeeding Stephen W. Lundgreen; wife, Elizabeth Ann Power Nelson. Counselors — Rodney Ray Nelson, 50, self-employed family marriage counselor; wife, Marsha Lee Hanson Nelson. Stephen H. Spencer, 46, optometrist; wife, Wendy Butler Spencer.

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