This week in Church history

50 years ago

The response of the Church's welfare organization to the disastrous floods in Salt Lake City from heavy spring runoff in 1952 were evaluated in November 1952.

Church leaders and members responded quickly to the disaster, preventing any serious injury and significantly reducing property loss. Some 6,600 members donated about 58,300 hours.

The conclusion was drawn that "the Welfare Program, in the strength and perfection of its organization, is capable of meeting great emergencies."

"Its potential is tremendous. It was as a great force straining on a leash," stated an article in the Nov. 15, 1952, Church News.

"The bishops of wards concerned emerged as the true heros of the flood. They took their place, as it was always intended they should do, as the backbone of the Welfare Program. . . . They gave of their leadership at any hour of the night or day, sometimes all day and all night.

"The great force of the Welfare Program in this time of emergency was made available to Church members and non-members alike. . . .

"The Welfare Program was in action before any other civic or relief agency. This assertion is made not to detract from the other organizations, but to show the effectiveness and speed of the Welfare Program."

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