The Temple: 'I'm going there someday'

Primary leaders have witnessed a lot of little miracles this year.

Recipients, such as a certain grade school teacher, might not view those miracles as "little," however. The teacher noticed one day that a small girl was dressed especially nice. "Why are you so dressed up?" she asked.

Dallin Earl
Danville, Calif.
Dallin Earl Danville, Calif.

The child replied, "Because I got to go to the temple. You would like to go to the temple one day."

That Primary girl had gone with her mother that morning to drop off a computer disk at the temple and had stood in the waiting area. She excitedly told her teacher about it, not knowing the woman was a less-active member. As a result of the words of a child, the teacher is once again attending Church and preparing to receive the blessings of the temple.

This was just one story the counselors to Primary General President Coleen K. Menlove shared with the Church News recently in speaking about the 2002 Children's Sacrament Meeting Presentation — which is held in wards and branches every year from October through December. First counselor Sydney S. Reynolds, whose responsibilities in the general presidency include the Children's Sacrament Meeting Presentation, and second counselor Gayle M. Clegg spoke of the 2002 theme for the sacrament meeting presentation, "The Temple: I'm Going There Someday," and its effects in the lives of children and their families.

"The thing that is important to us is that the theme is getting across, that it means something to the children," Sister Reynolds said. "Our goal for each child is that he or she will see the temple as a goal [and realize] that's where eternal families begin. We want children to have the opportunity to think about that and to share their feelings in the sacrament meeting presentation."

Sister Reynolds emphasized the role the dedication of the Nauvoo Illinois Temple played in the lives of Primary children in June. "It was just a miracle for us, a little miracle that the dedication of the Nauvoo Temple came right in the middle of our year."

Because children age 8 and older were allowed to attend the Church-wide satellite transmission of the dedicatory services, she added, "children were able to have just a little experience with the feeling of being in the temple. They were able to be a part of that. Primary leaders were able to help their parents prepare them."

Cameron Christiansen
Albuquerque, N.M.
Cameron Christiansen Albuquerque, N.M.

And from the look of art work children from throughout the world have been sending to the Primary general offices or displaying in their wards and stakes, it's apparent the children have been listening. Colorful crayon drawings and watercolors depict children's view of "their" temple, whether it's in Salt Lake City or Fukuoka, Japan. The art work was not requested of Primary leaders, Sister Reynolds and Sister Clegg emphasized. The paintings and drawings seem to be just a natural expression of what the children are learning this year.

Holding up a watercolor drawing of the Salt Lake Temple with vivid symbols of the stars, moon and sun, Sister Clegg said, "Someone has taught this child much about the temple."

She points out, "just the way the sun is shining on the temple and the reflection on the glass. He must have a peaceful feeling about the way that looks."

Sister Reynolds held up another, depicting a view of the San Diego Temple through the windows of a home. "Isn't that special? You see she's interested in her family because she has pictures of her family on her wall [in the drawing]."

Both counselors expressed gratitude for temple presidents and visitors center presidents who have welcomed appointments with groups of Primary children who visit to learn about the temple. "They have been so wonderful with the children or the leaders who have called to find out a little more about 'our temple' or have made the temple open to the children up to the recommend desk or on the grounds. It really has given the children an opportunity to find out more about the temple and feel close to the temple and make it a goal."

The Primary general presidency hopes that — as in years past — these children are being encouraged to share their experiences and feelings "in their own words" during sacrament meeting presentations.

And that they will carry these words in their hearts as they prepare to one day attend the temple themselves.

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