Heavenly Father knows us individually

When she was 9 years old, Sister Gayle M. Clegg related, she woke up after sleepwalking and found herself in the darkness, frightened and confused. "I tried to scream for help, but no sound came from my mouth."

Suddenly, her mother was there and turned on a light. "One simple flick of a light switch and I understood exactly where I was, how much my mother loved me, and how to return to the safety of my covers."

Continuing, Sister Clegg, second counselor in the Primary general presidency, said: "Today we felt another kind of light go on inside of us as we listened to the children's choir sing the words, 'The Lord has blessed me to feel His love.' This feeling is why we go to Church each week and sing Primary songs and hymns, sometimes the same ones over and over again. We know the words but, all of a sudden, the words make our hearts swell with light and love. It's like we remember who we really are. Because we are Heavenly Father's children, it's like He comes down and turns on a light for us."

Sister Clegg related the account of a young man who lost his leg to cancer. His doctor asked him to draw a picture of his body and he drew a cracked vase. He then began helping others in similar situations, including a young girl. "They shared their fears and helped each other feel hopeful." Later, he told the doctor his picture wasn't finished, and he drew lines of yellow coming from the cracks. "This is where the light comes through," he said.

Heavenly Father understands us individually, Sister Clegg said. "He knows how to love each of us in the way we most need it. Sometimes we feel His love through our parents, teachers and friends. Sometimes we feel His love through the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Sometimes we feel His love through music and hugs, through scriptures and prayers. He can encircle us in His light when we need it because we are His children."

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