Living by the scriptures

Wherefore, let my disciples in Kirtland arrange their temporal concerns, who dwell upon this farm.

Let my servant Titus Billings, who has the care thereof, dispose of the land, that he may be prepared in the coming spring to take his journey up unto the land of Zion, with those that dwell upon the face thereof, excepting those whom I shall reserve unto myself, that shall not go until I shall command them.

Doctrine and Covenants 63:38-39.

The Lord addressed many of His disciples as "my servant" in the various sections of the Doctrine and Covenants. These verses in Section 63 are particularly uplifting to me as they refer to my great-great-grandfather, Titus Billings.

Since I was a young man I have often read these verses and pondered the exemplary examples set by Titus Billings and Diantha Morely Billings. They followed the direction of the Lord in all matters. They traveled to Zion, went through many trials and hardships and served in various callings including his call as second counselor to Bishop Edward Partridge. They removed to Nauvoo and eventually traveled west to settle in Manti, Sanpete County, Utah.

I have recently felt inspired to study the lives of the pioneers from our family who made that great trek west. That inspiration came as the result of referring often to this scripture. As the patriarch of our family I feel inspired to provide other family members with the histories and testimonies of those early members of the Church. As family histories are completed (are they ever completed?) copies are sent to descendants. Young people receive inspiration when they read of the trials and triumphs of those that came before. We are enhanced spiritually as we note the sacrifices made on our behalf. We resolve to be better people when we note that resolve in our noble ancestors. Hopefully the Lord will be able to address all of us as "my servant."

Louis Gappmayer, St. George, Utah.

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