This week in Church history

50 years ago

Making his first visit to the San Francisco Bay area in California as leader of the Church, President David O. McKay spoke during the dedication of the San Mateo meetinghouse on Feb. 22, 1953, of the power of the gospel.

He said, according to the Feb. 28, 1953, Church News: "Sometimes we think of salvation as a state of bliss after we die. I should like to think of salvation as a condition here in life today. I like to think that my Church makes me a better man, my wife a better woman, a sweeter wife, my children nobler sons and daughters, here and now.

"I look upon the gospel as a power contributing to those conditions. I like to have confidence in my fellowmen. I like to meet them and let heart spark strike heart spark and rejoice here and now."

Among others who spoke at the dedication was Elder David B. Haight, then president of the Palo Alto Stake, now of the Quorum of the Twelve.

The building was filled to capacity for two meetings during the day. The morning session was attended primarily by youth, with the dedication in the afternoon.

President McKay told the youth to express appreciation in the home, according to the Church News, adding: "If we had more gratitude in the homes there would be less separation and divorce. Ingratitude is the foot of most home troubles."

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