Make effort, youth urged

PROVO, UTAH — Speaking during the Spanish Fork and Salem Utah Regional Conference Feb. 16, Elder W. Rolfe Kerr of the Seventy asked the young people in attendance to get a good education, learn to work, know the gospel and stay out of the devil's territory.

Get a good education. "There was a day when a high school education may have been enough. But that is not the case with this day and age, nor will it be in the future."

An education, he told them, is so important to your future. "Take it seriously."

Learn to work. Too many young people just meet minimum expectations, he said. "Do more than is expected of you. I promise you that as you incorporate this idea into your life you will succeed, not just in the work place, but in every endeavor in your life."

Know the gospel. Elder Kerr told the young people to sanctify and reverence the Lord in their hearts. "Your testimony and your commitment to the gospel will be recognized, by your friends and associates. They will see that enthusiasm. They will see that light in your eyes. They will wonder about the source. Tell them why you are so happy. Tell them that your happiness is not just in your membership in the Church, but in the knowledge and testimony you have of the doctrines of the gospel."

Stay out of the devil's territory. "Keep the commandments. Live the Word of Wisdom," Elder Kerr said. "Keep yourselves moral and clean and pure."

Don't even get close to sin, he said. "Run from it."

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