This week in Church history

75 years ago

The Church was planning to take ownership of an important Church history site, it was announced in an article of the Feb. 20, 1928, Deseret News.

"It will be joyous news to Latter-day Saints generally to learn that the Church, through President Heber J. Grant, has decided to purchase the Hill Cumorah, located in the vicinity of Palmyra, New York," the article reported.

The previous owner had died some years earlier, according to the article, which continued, "Recently the estate offered to sell the property to the Church and, according to announcement made Saturday, the offer has been accepted and in due time actual conveyance will be made."

It was also stated: "It is an interesting coincidence that a little more than 100 years after the (gold) plates were received, the Church is to come into possession of the sacred property by purchase. For years the hill has been visited and viewed with exceeding interest by Church members and has been known in the region roundabout as 'Mormon Hill,' because of its connection with the coming forth of the Book of Mormon."

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