New Stake Presidents

A stake has been created in Utah. The Layton Utah Creekside Stake, which includes the Heritage, Layton 4th, 18th, 31st and 38th, and Park wards, has been created by Elder Christoffel Golden Jr. of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Colombia and El Salvador, and California, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Nevada and Utah.

LAYTON UTAH CREEKSIDE STAKE: (April 20, 2003) Created from the Layton Utah South Stake. President — Steven L. Hatch, 46, owner of Hatch Auto; wife, Jill Roundy Hatch. Counselors — Kenneth Lloyd Plaizier, 46, data analysis manager for Magpie Systems Inc.; wife, Ann Sorensen Plaizier. Craig Roland Anderson, 50, pharmaceutical sales for Glaxo Smith Kline; wife, LeAnne Peterson Anderson.

BOGOTA COLOMBIA STAKE: (April 13, 2003) President— Jorge Julio Escobar V., 60, coordinator for Church Educational System; succeeding Mario Rojas Leguizamo; wife, Carlota Castro A. de Escobar. Counselors — Barry Lee McCombs, 53, director of New Granada College; wife, Julie Althea Sexton McCombs. John Alejandro Garcia G., 25, general manager for Caja S.A.; wife, Catalina Villar de Garcia.

CHULA VISTA CALIFORNIA: (April 13, 2003) President — Ronald Ivor Clove, 52, lawyer for U.S. Navy; succeeding Paul Bridgman Duncan; wife, Marianne Hertha Ruefenacht Clove. Counselors — Paul Case Norris, 50, supervisor of computer operations for Southwestern College; wife, Rebecca Lynn Reson Norris. Craig Richard Dixon, 52, teacher for Sweetwater Schools; wife, Yolanda Corral Dixon.

FORT WAYNE INDIANA STAKE: (April 13, 2003) President — Larry Dewayne Shumard, 47, regional manager for ABC Supply Co.; succeeding Jon R. Knecht; wife, Gayle Elaine Johnson Shumard. Counselors — W. Mark Johnson, 46, attorney and corporate counsel for Swiss Re; wife, Colleen Michelle Shimp Johnson. Mark B. Newton, 47, general manager for Autoliu ASP; wife, Joan Theron Brown Newton.

KAHULUI HAWAII STAKE: (April 20, 2003) President — Arnold K. Wunder, 46, marketing representative for Xerox; succeeding Robert Kaipo Min; wife, Colleen Misako Hamai Wunder. Counselors — Edward L. Reinhardt, 50, president of Maui Electric Co.; wife, Gail Tsurue Minami Reinhardt. Herbert M. Yuen, 47, vice president and co-owner of Envisions Entertainment & Productions; wife, Marilyn Reiko Anzai Yuen.

LAS VEGAS NEVADA WARM SPRINGS STAKE: (April 20, 2003) President — Frank E. Davie, 56, supervisor of Telecom Engineering for Nevada Power Co.; succeeding F. Wayne Edington; wife, Maxine Iona Walker Davie. Counselors — Norman W. Gardner, 37, coordinator for Church Educational System; wife, Natalie Jean Yardley Gardner. R. Mark Turner, 46, gynecologist and oncologist; wife, Virginia Sue Welch Turner.

LAYTON UTAH SOUTH STAKE: (April 20, 2003) President — Cleve Merrill Dibble, 55, principal of Holt Elementary in Davis School District; succeeding Robert G. Green; wife, Barbara Ann Newteboom Dibble. Counselors — Daren Hugh Allred, 46, principal of South Weber Elementary for Davis County School District; wife, Margo Bodily Allred. Timothy James Hawkes, 48, owner of Partners Lending; wife, Cynthia Ruth Sargent Hawkes.

SALT LAKE MOUNT OLYMPUS STAKE: (March 16, 2003) President — Gary L. Crocker, 51, chairman for ARVP Laboratories; succeeding J. Rees Jensen; wife, Ann Taylor Sorenson Crocker. Counselors — Roger A. Dibb, 55, owner of R.A. Dibb, CPA; wife, Ann Frances Monson Dibb. Peter Foss, 50, vice president of marketing for Fonix; wife, Serida Stilling Hansen Foss.

SANDPOINT IDAHO STAKE: (April 20, 2003) President — C. Russell Hiatt, 43, owner and operator of Riverside Auto Center; succeeding Nelson Marion Boren; wife, Sulet Smith Hiatt. Counselors — Kenneth Lee Sorensen, 47, resident engineer for Idaho Transportation Dept.; wife, Peggy Lynn Bryan Sorensen. Douglas James Beazer, 42, dentist; wife, Marianne Moore Beazer.

SANTAQUIN UTAH STAKE: (April 13, 2003) President — Chad A. Rowley, 44, general manager for Mountainland Apples; succeeding Philip B. Rowley; wife, Lisa Harding Rowley. Counselors — Glenl A. Wear Jr., 44, landscape speciality supervisor for BYU Grounds; wife, Merrilee Christensen Wear. Robert E. Westover, 44, construction engineer for UDOT; wife, Sherrie G. Rose Westover.

SONSONATE EL SALVADOR STAKE: (March 30, 2003) President — Alvaro Rene Cantarero Z., 37, laboratory analyst; succeeding Julio Cesar Lieta Rodriguez; wife, Camelia Judith Flores M. de Cantarero. Counselors — Jesus Alirio Sintigo L., 47, high school teacher; wife, Elsa del Carmen Musto de Sinitigo. Francisco Antonio Osorio S., 29, chapel custodian; wife, Enma de Jesus Carranza G. de Osorio.

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