Peace in family is God's gift

Bringing a message of both gratitude and warning, Elder Henry B. Eyring of the Quorum of the Twelve addressed the afternoon general session of BYU Women's Conference May 1.

"We give thanks for what God has done for our families. He, through His prophets, has poured out light and understanding upon us. We have discovered the power of regular family prayer, of reading the scriptures as a family, of family home evening, of putting the temple at the center of our family aspirations, and of excluding every influence from our homes which would offend the Holy Ghost," he said.

"But there is still danger. It is in being complacent. . . .Satan tries relentlessly to create anger and contention in our homes."

Elder Eyring offered two kinds of counsel — first, how to close gaps in family defenses; second, how to be a peacemaker in a family. "Satan always uses selfishness as his destructive tool."

Stop it at its root, Elder Eyring urged, by seeking the peace of God. "The peace we seek in our families is a gift from God, not our own creation. It will only come out of selfless hearts. We are dependent on the effects of the Atonement of the Savior."

Pray in faith that family members will hear and obey the voice of the Holy Ghost and encourage and recognize charity. "You can teach your family that the feelings they have of charity for each other come naturally to those who feel the charity of a loving Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. . . ."

Family members, Elder Eyring emphasized, "can only find peace the same way you will: through the effects of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Contention and conflict are products of sin. They always produce spiritual darkness. And so the only way to peace is for [family members] to choose to let in the light of the gospel."

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