She prayed to find a family church

VIENNA, Va. — Before they joined the Church, the Charles family of Vienna, Va., had their own form of family home evening. Chad, an electrician, and Jueletta, a police dispatcher, tried to spend at least one night a week doing something with their five children.

So when sister missionaries knocked on the door more than seven years ago, the couple was curious about a religion that emphasized the importance of family. But after a few lessons and even a visit from the ward mission leader of the Fair Oaks Ward, Dave Tinny, it became clear that the family wasn't ready to commit to baptism.

During the next two and a half years, however, Brother Charles said that he became discontented with some of the policies and practices of his own church. Sister Charles kept praying for a church in which to raise their children, Jessica, 16; Darren, 13; Don, 11; Asia, 9; and Casel, 8.

One evening as she prayed the image of the Washington D.C. Temple "passed in front of her face," said Brother Charles. They had all seen this familiar landmark near Washington many times as they drove around the beltway, but they could not explain what Sister Charles had experienced at home. Just 30 minutes later, however, two sister missionaries knocked on their door and explained that although they had been tracting in another neighborhood, they had a strong feeling they should come to the Charles' home.

This time the family was ready for the message. The family was baptized Sept. 28, 1997.

Page T. Johnson

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