'The time is not yet,' they were told

DOBSONVILLE, South Africa — In 1976, Piet Mafora, now 76, and his two friends, Moses Mahlangu and Maisela Lekgwati, found an old Book of Mormon and began to study it. In the book , they found many answers to questions their own Christian church was unable to satisfy. Their study of the Bible had raised the question in their minds as to what happened to Jesus Christ's true Church after the death of His apostles.

"One day while making deliveries in Johannesburg, one of us happened to notice a church that had on it the same name that was on the Book of Mormon," recalled Brother Mafora. "We were so thrilled to make a connection. We got an audience with the mission president, Howard Badger, and told him we had found everlasting light in the Book of Mormon, but we needed help in understanding it, that we have the book but don't know what to do. We asked if he could teach us about the Church. We were told, 'The time is not yet, . . . but that we should keep on worshipping and studying and waiting.

"We were so disappointed to have found what we thought to be the true Church, but were restricted in mingling with the Latter-day Saints and in having the privileges of the priesthood of God. Then came the wonderful day in 1978 when we received word of the revelation from the Lord that changed all that. It was a big change. We could go to town (Johannesburg) and worship with the whites and have the full light of the Church."

— Elder Ferrin Orton and Sister Peggy Orton

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