Family history moments: A lesson in faith

Years ago, when I was a student at BYU, I had a special roommate, Helen Erickson from Nampa, Idaho, with whom I had developed a particularly close bond and who had a great impact on my life.

At that time in my life, I suffered a great deal with frequent migraine headaches. There were days when I could not function and simply had to spend the day in bed.

Helen had wanted to make a trip to the Church Genealogical Library in Salt Lake City for some time and had urged me to go with her. As luck would have it, I awoke that morning with a severe migraine and told Helen I could not go. She said, "I just feel so strongly that we should go to the library today. Let's pray for a special blessing."

So we knelt together in our dormitory room, and Helen prayed with great faith that we would be able to make a trip that day. I took some medication and went back to bed. When I awoke in about an hour, my headache was gone, which was extremely unusual.

We made the bus trip to the library. While there, I noticed a man I recognized as my father's cousin, Edward Tuttle, known in our family as the genealogy expert. I approached his table and introduced myself. He offered to let us share his table and to show us what he was working on that day, sheet after sheet of information on his wife's lines.

Suddenly, Helen exclaimed, "Brother Tuttle, this is my family line! I am related to your wife."

I don't remember the exact connection, but all of a sudden here was this dedicated young woman who had prayed in such faith gazing at pages of research that would have taken many hours to do on her own.

Edward invited us to come and spend some time in his home, where he shared information with both of us. Subsequently, we made several visits to his home and received volumes of research on both my and Helen's family lines. What an amazing experience it was for two young college students to have their prayers so dramatically and productively answered.

I have since lost track of Helen, but I shall never forget the sweet bond of friendship we shared and will always be grateful for this lesson in faith and dedication to the admonitions of the Lord.

Carol W. Schofield, Salt Lake City

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