New stake presidents

A new stake has been created in Utah.

The South Jordan Utah Country Crossing Stake, which includes the Country Crossing 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th wards, has been created by Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Scotland, and in Arizona, Idaho and Utah.

SOUTH JORDAN UTAH COUNTRY CROSSING STAKE: (Sept. 14, 2003) Created from the South Jordan Utah Highland Stake. President — Fred Palmer Burton, 56, vice president at Bank of Utah; wife, Judy Ellen Oakeson Burton. Counselors — Kent Lamar Butterfield, 49, retail pricing manager at Associated Foods; wife, Colette Heagren Butterfield. Dee Lynn Smith, 67, manufacturing engineer at Hercules Inc.; wife, Merilyn Kay Dalley Smith.

CALDWELL IDAHO NORTH STAKE: (Sept. 14, 2003) President — John Charles Gabrielsen, 52, owner of Gabe's Auto Parts Inc.; succeeding David R. McCune; wife, Cindy Joleen Putnam Gabrielsen. Counselors — Rickey Dean Fried, 48, loan officer at Rowe & Associates; wife, Tamera Arlene Zaldain Fried. Richard Arnold Porter, 54, president and COO of foodservice at Con-Agra; wife, Shari Kay Mecham Porter.

DELTA UTAH STAKE: (Sept. 14, 2003) President — Thomas Gregory Chappell, 44, principal at Fillmore Middle School; succeeding David Leroy Corey; wife, Darla Lovell Chappell. Counselors — Robert Lee Droubay, 47, car dealer; wife, Jill Dean Dalton Droubay. Shirl Brook Pace, 49, engineer at IPSC; wife, Berry Ann Wichmann Pace.

EDINBURGH SCOTLAND STAKE: (Sept. 14, 2003) President — Michael Robert Watson, 36, branch manager at Welcome Finance; succeeding Stephen Charles Kerr; wife, Mandy McKinlay Watson. Counselors — Alan Campbell, 36, IT architect at Standard Life; wife, Katrina Holdham Campbell. Jonathan Paul McHaffie, 32, corporate tax manager at Aegon UK; wife, Camille Alexandra Marshall McHaffie.

MESA ARIZONA WEST STAKE: (Sept. 14, 2003) President — Edgar Keith Stott Jr., 59, executive director of the Committee on Judicial Conduct; succeeding Kenneth Duane Klingler; wife, Barbara June Smith Stott. Counselors — Jack Harold Peterson, 60, professor at Mesa Community College; wife, Linda Joy Seeley. Brian Dale Strong, 45, attorney at Roberts Rowley Chapman; wife, Rebecca Madeleine Ward Strong.

MONTPELIER IDAHO STAKE: (Sept. 7, 2003) President — William Larry Daniel, 67, retired; succeeding DeMar Webster Romrell; wife, Marjorie Elaine Orr Daniel. Counselors — Benjamin Campbell Thornal III, 62, photographer; wife, Diane Lee Zettervall Thornal. Kirk Carlsen Pugmire, 51, conductor/brakeman for Union Pacific Railroad; wife, Daleen Smith Pugmire.

PORT-AU-PRINCE HAITI STAKE: (Sept. 7, 2003) President — Eddy Bourdeau, 41, translator; succeeding Antoine Reynolds St. Louis; wife, Alberte Bourdeau. Counselors — Gerald Jean Louis, 48; wife, Andree Florence Jean Louis. Milery Merveille, 28, business owner; wife, Ginette L. Merveille.

RECIFE BRAZIL JARDIM SAO PAULO STAKE: (Aug. 24, 2003) President — Jadilson Jose Percilio dos Santos, 41, security guard at the Recife Brazil Temple; succeeding Edson Gomes da Silva; wife, Patricia Johnson dos Santos. Counselors — Claudionor de Albuquerque Moura, 38, postal worker; wife, Rosineide Bezerra da Silva Moura. Kleber Leonardo de Lima, 34, security guard at the Recife Brazil Temple; wife, Maria Aparecida da Silva Bezerra.

SANTA FE ARGENTINA NORTH STAKE: (Aug. 17, 2003) President — Juan Jose Levrino, 33, attorney; succeeding Pedro Manuel Zapata; wife, Monica Andrea Magdalena Palancar de Levrino. Counselors — Jorge Alberto Chamorro, 40, security guard; wife, Liliana Beatriz Doraco de Chamorro. Enrique Horacio Zapata, 33, custodian; wife, Paola Elisabet Martinez de Zapata.

SOUTH JORDAN UTAH HIGHLAND STAKE: (Sept. 14, 2003) President — Robert Edmund Homer, 46, business owner; succeeding Fred Palmer Burton; wife, Rhonda Lee Burbank Homer. Counselors — Owen Karlyle Fox, retained. John Stock LaMunyon Jr., 52, co-manager of Shop-Rite Foods; wife, Joan Ellen Maxwell LaMunyon.

SPANISH FORK UTAH PALMYRA STAKE: (Sept. 7, 2003) President — Ross Esbern Baadsgaard, 49, regional vice president and branch manager for Western Ag Credit; succeeding Richard B. Roach; wife, Janene Wolsey Baadsgaard. Counselors — Michael Clark Boothe, 48, self-employed; wife, LouElla Jones Boothe. Richard Gene Lamb, 43, automotive instructor; wife, Karen Tenney Lamb.

URDANETA PHILIPPINES STAKE: (Aug. 24, 2003) President — Victorino Tabelin Bahin, 35, data entry machine operator; succeeding Jose Garin Manarin; wife, Jocelyne Quibah Agpoon Bahin. Counselors — Noel Camungao Acido, 32, credit management staff at Digital Telecom; wife, Julieta Vallejos Natividad Acido. Terence Quijano Terce�o, 35, agency manager; wife, Minetwa Gapan Terce�o.

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