First Presidency supports National Adoption Month

Following is a statement from the First Presidency regarding national adoption month:

"The president of the United States, George W. Bush, has proclaimed the month of November as National Adoption Month. We join in this recognition and celebration of adoption and express our support of unwed parents who choose to place their children for adoption.

"When a man and woman conceive a child out of wedlock, their first consideration should be to marry and work toward establishing an eternal family relationship. When the probability of a successful marriage is unlikely because of age or other circumstances, unwed parents are encouraged to place their child for adoption through LDS Family Services to ensure that the baby will be sealed to temple worthy parents. Children sealed to their parents have claim upon the blessings of the Gospel beyond what others are entitled to receive. Placing the infant for adoption enables unwed parents to do what is best for the child and enhances the prospect for blessings of the Gospel in the lives of all concerned.

"We commend all citizens and officers of government who promote the practice of adoption and who seek to strengthen the family as the fundamental unit of society."

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