Music for 'best band'

ULAANBAATAR, Mongolia — Colonel Yondonduichir Ganbat and his Mongolian Wind Orchestra are the best band in town. They are often invited to perform for visiting heads of state and for the major indoor and outdoor programs in Mongolia, such as Naadam, the national holiday in July each year.

And each year he performs for the traditional U.S. Embassy's July 4 outdoor celebration. But there was one small problem — Colonel Ganbat had only one American song, "Stars and Stripes Forever," and it was loaned to him by the Russian Embassy. So, he often played Russian music for the American Independence Day celebration.

At the request of Bruce and Beverly Whiting, former missionaries to Mongolia, Brigham Young University made a special donation of books of sheet music for the orchestra. Elder Glenn Good-rich and Sister Marilyn Goodrich delivered the music in October to Colonel Ganbat.

He began rehearsing the American numbers immediately and plans to present several of the arrangements as early as November.

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