Russian hospital receives new beds

RYAZAN, Russia — One of the first things Roger and Lois Watson noticed after visiting a children's hospital here earlier this year were the old, dilapidated beds.

"They were wood veneer," Elder Watson said. "They were peeling and could not be cleaned or sterilized, making a critical situation worse in a hospital that treated infectious diseases."

The Watsons learned from hospital administrators how children were dropped at the door with only meager clothing. The hospital shared coats with the children, but lacked sufficient supplies to properly care for them.

As Church Service Missionaries, Elder and Sister Watson proposed a humanitarian aid project that included clothing, medical supplies and new beds.

When supplies arrived, the branch president in this city located about two hours outside Moscow, arranged to have members assemble the new beds and dismantle the old ones. About 15 members worked up to five hours one day. Many members returned a second day to finish assembling beds and installing cabinets and preparing medical instruments.

Upon completion, Church members joined the medical staff, local officials and the media for a celebration. The hospital staff told how a year earlier, as they considered how to improve the hospital, they felt that if the hospital were to receive new beds, that God would have to help them.

The Church's donation was answer to their prayers. Members then invited the hospital staff to a fireside scheduled that weekend.

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