DVD an effective teaching tool

Missionaries in the Nevada Las Vegas Mission are eager to begin teaching with the new "Joy to the World" DVD, having learned firsthand last April the power of teaching investigators with this modern technology.

"The 'Finding Faith in Christ' DVD was an effective tool in helping others understand the gospel," said Elder Brian Nyberg. "After viewing the video, investigators felt the Spirit which was demonstrated in the interest they showed in the Church and the questions they asked."

"The DVD multiplied the effectiveness of the work by 10," added Elder Mark Hender.

DVD technology was on the cusp of popularity last April when the Church produced "Finding Faith in Christ." Some considered it a courageous move to burn more than 700,000 copies of the DVD to put in the hands of all Ensign subscribers.

Never before had the Church organized such a sweeping effort that included members, missionaries and the national media in proclaiming the gospel.

The three-prong effort proved effective. Experiences in the two Las Vegas missions were indicative of the success experienced in other missions.

"We saw many baptisms as a result of the video," said Elder Nyberg. One experience involved a father and his son.

This particular son had a friend in school who was a member of the Church, said Elder Nyberg. The two were paired together in a school project that required many hours of work at the home of the member boy.

In the process of picking up his son from the home of the member each evening, the father noticed the quality of family life enjoyed by the member family. He began asking questions. He was invited to attend ward activities with the family and hear the missionary discussions.

The message of the "Finding Faith in Christ" video touched him deeply. He felt these were principles he had always believed.

They were baptized and are now members of the Tropicana Ward, Las Vegas Nevada Paradise Stake.

"The video was a catalyst in starting investigation into the Church," he said.

Elder Nyberg noted the success of the Haven Ward, Las Vegas Nevada Warm Springs Stake. "Many members were involved sharing the gospel with friends. Not all joined the Church, but using the video improved the quality of investigators and teaching situations."

"I know this DVD works in sharing the gospel because I've seen it," said Elder Hender.

He told how he and his companion, Elder Vaenga Toilolo, were delivering a copy of "Finding Faith in Christ" to a member who wished to share it with her sister-in-law next door. The sister-in-law was at the home of the member at the time of the delivery and was willing to watch the video.

"The sister-in-law asked many questions afterward," said Elder Hender. "The member was able to answer them in a way that touched her sister-in-law. She and her children were baptized. We believe her husband, who is reading the Book of Mormon, will also be baptized."

The DVD has made members aware of being missionaries, Elder Hender continued. "They feel good about themselves as they do missionary work. People accept a DVD readily. They are more willing to watch than read, and it improves the teaching."

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