This week in Church history

25 years ago

U.S. President Jimmy Carter visited and spoke at the Tabernacle on Temple Square Nov. 27, 1978, declaring, "I know how much less difficult my own duties would be as president if your mammoth crusade for stable and strong families should be successful."

He continued, "That is why I feel a close kinship with you, and a partnership with you, in achieving this noble purpose.

"Your great church epitomizes to me what a family ought to be, a church that believes in strong families, in individualism, the right to be different, but the opportunity and even the duty to grow as a human being, to prepare oneself for greater service."

President Spencer W. Kimball presented a bronze statuette, "In the Family Circle," to President Carter. The statuette portrayed a young mother and father helping their toddler take her first steps.

After the program, President Carter's motorcade was held up while an aide ran back into the Tabernacle to retrieve the gift from being shipped as was planned so the president could take it with him.

"I want to show that to Rosalynn tonight," he said.

Participating in the patriotic program, conducted by Elder Gordon B. Hinckley of the Quorum of the Twelve, were the Tabernacle Choir, the Osmond family, a Primary children's chorus and the Lamanite Generation from BYU (now called Living Legends).

In his remarks at the event, President Kimball said, "We promise you that as you faithfully plan and hold quality family home evenings, you will gain strength to withstand the temptations of the world and neutralize the ill effects of society.

"Parents, he said, "draw your children around you and with love, teach them about the Savior and His commandments. Help them to develop individual strength and commitment to keep the laws of God. Build lasting family unit in a setting of learning and fun."

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