Leadership training: Bringing souls to Christ

A unity of purpose in bringing souls to Christ was expressed by the general presidents of the Relief Society, Primary and Young Women auxiliaries at the Worldwide Leadership Training Meeting on Jan. 10.

The three presidents, Coleen K. Menlove, Primary general president; Susan W. Tanner, Young Women general president; and Bonnie D. Parkin, Relief Society general president, gave their presentation in a dialogue in which they participated together.

"In Primary we help children develop testimonies of Jesus Christ," said Sister Menlove.

"And in Young Women, we prepare the young women to come unto Jesus Christ," added Sister Tanner.

"Relief Society is all about helping women and families come unto Jesus Christ," said Sister Parkin. "We want all to feel the love of Jesus Christ in their lives."

"I'm grateful that we are so unified in our purposes, and I'm also very grateful that we have the privilege of serving together under the direction of the priesthood," Sister Tanner remarked. "We really do see the Lord's hand in what we do, and we bear testimony that it works."

"It does work," Sister Menlove said. "What a privilege it is to be doing our part. I can't help but think of President Hinckley's statement in our recent conference, 'We are all working as one in a great cause.' "

Three vignettes were shown during their discussion, the first demonstrating receiving a call from a priesthood leader, the second an auxiliary presidency meeting and the third representing reporting back to a priesthood leader.

The first vignette depicted a warm, caring and loving bishop, Sister Menlove noted, who had prepared before hand by holding a worthiness interview and ensuring that the prospective Young Women president's family circumstances permitted her to serve. "He emphasized the family, just like President Faust has taught us today."

Sister Menlove noted that the bishop made sure the newly called Young Women president had the necessary handbooks and materials and arranged for a regular meeting between her and a bishop's counselor.

After the second vignette, Sister Parkin observed, "In any presidency there needs to be unity and trust. You need to counsel together, and you need to feel the Spirit of the Lord with what you do. You need to follow the direction of priesthood leaders, and you need to focus on helping families. All these things were at work in this meeting."

After the third vignette, Sister Menlove said, "A regular meeting with a priesthood leader is an opportunity to account for what we've been asked to do."

"I love that the Primary president started out with a success story," Sister Parkin said. "Just last week we met with our priesthood leader, and we shared one of our little miracles with him. I think it brought him renewed strength."

Sister Tanner added, "I think a priesthood leader is entitled to know about successes because he loves these people, too, and is working for them."

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