This week in Church history

50 years ago

Counsel on marriage was a big part of an address delivered by President Stephen L Richards, first counselor in the First Presidency, to BYU students on Jan. 19, 1954, according to the Jan. 23, 1954, Church News.

Quoting President Richards, the article reported: "The BYU has the reputation of being a marrying institution, and I do not object to that reputation. I rather like it provided all the marriages are good marriages, because I do not know of anything that contributes to the eternal happiness of man more than good marriage. I do not mean to give you a lecture now on celestial marriage. You know what it is, and you know that it is the epitome of the whole gospel, which we seek to teach to humanity, to gain the highest status in the celestial kingdom of our Father, and after all, the projection of a temple marriage into eternity is the essence of that high status.

"I want all of our young folk to realize that great blessing."

To the young men, he said, "Do you not think that it would be disappointing to any girl in this Church who understands these things to make a proposal to her for a marriage less enduring, less significant, than temple marriage?"

Then to the young women, he said, "Should not a girl of this Church likewise be disappointed and affronted with a proposal for marriage which says in substance, 'I am willing to take you for the short period of our natural lives, but I do not want you hereafter?' "

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