New stake presidents

New stakes have been created in Brazil and West Virginia.

The Cruz Alta Brazil Stake, which includes the Cruz Alta 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Ijui and Jardim wards, and the Palmeira das Missoes and Panambi branches, has been created by Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Seventy.

The Martinsburg West Virginia Stake, which includes the Antietam, Cumberland, Hagerstown, Hancock, LaVale, Martinsburg and Mill Creek wards, and the Keyser Branch, has been created by Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf of the Seventy.

CRUZ ALTA BRAZIL STAKE: (Feb. 29, 2004) Created from the Ijui Brazil District. President — Clademir Elton Trage, 43, business owner; wife, Vera Cristina de Moura Neves Trage. Counselors — Mario Sergio dos Santos, 43, work coordinator for the city; wife, Cledi Monteiro dos Santos. Luis Floriano da Costa Peixoto, 35, police officer; wife, Marleci Cunha Rodrigues Peixoto.

MARTINSBURG WEST VIRGINIA STAKE: (Feb. 29, 2004) Created from the Frederick Maryland Stake and the Winchester Virginia Stake. President — Steven Charles Grow, 51, chemist; wife, Shanna Parker Grow. Counselors — James Kon Fugate, 42, fire marshal; wife, Teresa Mary Taft Fugate. Larry Dewayne Spears, 50, deputy director of compliance for the Food and Drug Administration; wife, Theresa Diane Baca Spears.

BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY 7TH STAKE: (March 7, 2004) President — Larry Jack EchoHawk, 55, law professor at BYU; succeeding Michael Brown Ahlander; wife, Teresa JoAnne Pries EchoHawk. Counselors — Kenneth Wayne Anderson, 62, associate dean of continuing education at BYU; wife, Donna Christine Bristow Anderson. Chad Sidney Latimer, 44, vice president of worldwide operations at Altiris; wife, Cynthia Jean Walker Latimer.

BYU-IDAHO 1ST STAKE: (Feb. 29, 2004) President — Shayne Martell Bowen, 49, owner of Bowen Insurance; succeeding Richard Fred Smith; wife, Lynette Mortensen Bowen. Counselors — Lyle Kris Munk, 49, oral surgeon; wife, Mardean Knowles Munk. Stephen Don McGary, 53, professor at BYU-Idaho; wife, Debra Faye Perkes McGary.

FORTALEZA BRAZIL LITORAL STAKE: (Feb. 29, 2004) President — Serafim Rodrigues Lima Filho, 50, president of a credit agency; succeeding Romualdo Rosario da Silva; wife, Juraci Francisca Monteiro Lima. Counselors — Romulo Frota Cavalcante, 26, business owner; wife, Maria Edivanda Coutinho Cavalcante. Ricardo Gomes da Costa, 28; wife, Inoneide Perreira Martins da Costa.

LOGAN UTAH UNIVERSITY 6TH STAKE: (Feb. 22, 2004) President — Edward Dale Watts, 53, president of Uni Foods; succeeding Hyrum Grant Vest Jr.; wife, Lorie Porter Watts. Counselors — Ted Moser Nyman, 50, business consultant; wife, Janice Spencer Nyman. H R Chris Nelson, 46, director of strategic planning at Global Accessories; wife, Miriam Elaine Wood Nelson.

MERIDA MEXICO ITZIMNA STAKE: (Feb. 22, 2004) President — Felix Conde Beltran, 43, pharmaceutical representative; succeeding Domingo Renan Perez Maldonado; wife, Elda Alicia Frias Escamilla de Conde. Counselors — Pedro Mariano Echeverria Gomez, 44, sales representative; wife, Dalila del Rosario Gongora Solis de Echeverria. Armando Carreon Rivera, 35, CES regional coordinator; wife, Monica Romero Rosas de Carreon.

MEXICO CITY MEXICO CHURUBUSCO STAKE: (Feb. 29, 2004) President — Mauricio Gerardo Vazquez Rueda, 30, business consultant; succeeding Ernesto Rene Toris Fortanel; wife, Veronica Miller Flores de Vazquez. Counselors — Jorge Rodriguez Gutierrez, retained. Delfino Cruz Cardenas, 49, sales representative; wife, Lilia Diaz Medina de Cruz.

NAMPA IDAHO SOUTH STAKE: (Feb. 29, 2004) President — Steven Devon Jensen, 54, president of Legacy Seeds Inc.; succeeding Jerry Craig Rowe; wife, Jone McTague Jensen. Counselors — Robert Theodore Rudder, 44, vice president of Northwest Bank Technology; wife, Rebecca Washburn Rudder. Scott Allen Graviet, 41, partner at Podiatry Center of Idaho; wife, Christine Anhthu Le Graviet.

OREM UTAH SUNCREST STAKE: (Feb. 22, 2004) President — Damon Lesley Bahr, 48, assistant professor at Utah Valley State College; succeeding Randal Vere Densley; wife, Kim Bartholomew Bahr. Counselors — Steven Robert Skabelund, 49, lawyer; wife, Vanetta Durtson Skabelund. James Orland Seaver, 51, consultant at Novell; wife, Meredith Jeanne Bigler Seaver.

ROCK SPRINGS WYOMING STAKE: (Feb. 29, 2004) President — Kevin Niel Heyborne, 51, principal at Heyborne Radakovich & Co.; succeeding Carl Edward Eyring; wife, Susan Kay Norton Heyborne. Counselors — Gregg Edward Stembridge, 51, operations manager at FedEx; wife, Denise Garner Stembridge. John Russell Wilson, 45, dentist; wife, Ingrid Rocha Garlepp Wilson.

SALT LAKE JORDAN NORTH STAKE: (March 7, 2004) President — Bret Remington Bassett, 45, transition manager at Intel; succeeding Paul Albert Smith; wife, Wendy Margaret Winder Bassett. Counselors — Brent Alan Yorgason, 45, owner and president of Amco American Roofing Co.; wife, Nancy Gwen Winder Yorgason. Mark Andrew Nielsen, 57, database analyst; wife, Cherie Sue Nelson Nielsen.

SALT LAKE LIBERTY STAKE: (Feb. 29, 2004) President — Ross Lyman Wentworth, 51, architect; succeeding John Dee Liddle; wife, Dixine Hoyt Wentworth. Counselors — Devin Dayton Thorpe, 39, managing director of Thorpe Capital Group; wife, Gail Ann Gray Thorpe. Brent LaMar Day, 36, financial analyst; wife, Louise Julia Bredthauer Day.

SANDY UTAH CRESCENT RIDGE STAKE: (Feb. 29, 2004) President — Curtis B. Dahl, 48, creative director for Bonneville Communications; succeeding Patrick Raymond Casaday; wife, Joan Kathryn Elwood Dahl. Counselors — Brett James Davies, 46, president of Davies Technologies Inc.; wife, Michelle Payzant Davies. Steven Robert Fitt, 44, president of Sequoia Group; wife, Karen Hagen Fitt.

SYDNEY AUSTRALIA GREENWICH STAKE: (Feb. 15, 2004) President — Rohn Edward Rigby, 46, owner of EPA Corporate Services; succeeding Paul Ross Coward; wife, Lisa Kathleen James Rigby. Counselors — Mitchell Douglas Howard, 48, administration manager for the Church; wife, Lisa Karel Mitchell Howard. Grant Noel Owen, 48, human resource manager at Star Track Express; wife, Penny Sue Carroll Owen.

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