Elder D. Todd Christofferson

Presidency of the Seventy

To be truly converted to the gospel, members must let it be written upon their hearts, "not just an influence in your life but the controlling influence, and indeed, the very core of what you are."

To be truly converted, one must lay aside pride, understand the gospel through study and prayer, serve others and bring to God the sacrifice of a broken heart and contrite spirit.

"In reality, it is the gift of yourself — what you are and what you are becoming."

Pride is common in the world today, the pride of "do your own thing" or "right and wrong depend on what I feel is right for me."

"That attitude is a rebellion against God, just as Lucifer rebelled against God in the pre-mortal world. He rejected God's right to declare the truth and establish the law."

When studying the scriptures, don't just read them — ponder and pray and write down impressions. Pray over all aspects of life, "your hopes and fears, your friends and family, your school and work and the needs of those around you. Most of all, you should pray to be filled with the love of Christ. . . . Go often to your closet, your secret place, your wilderness" to pray.

Care about and serve others. "You cannot fully understand or appreciate it unless you personally apply it in your life. Jesus said that he came to serve, not to be served. So it must be with you."

"From these, coupled with your worship and activity in the church, will come testimony and conversion."

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