Elder David B. Haight

Quorum of the Twelve

"At our last conference six months ago, as I stood here by President Hinckley, he encouraged me to wave to you. I used all the energy that I had. I've heard from some people who thought I was waving a farewell. But I've come here today . . . to tell you I'm back — and I don't have anyone else pushing my arm for me."

After a long life, at age 97, "I understand the power of prayer and of faith and devotion and acknowledging precious witnesses from heaven. . . . I stand here today just to bear my testimony and say hello to you."

Every person who has ever lived on Earth, or will do so, was present at the pre-mortal conference when Jehovah was chosen as the Redeemer of the world. Each individual chose to come to Earth and participate in the plan of redemption, made possible by Christ's sacrifice.

In the words of Eliza R. Snow, who wrote the lyrics to many well-loved LDS hymns, most especially sacrament hymns, "How great the wisdom and the love that filled the courts on high, that sent the Savior from above to suffer, bleed and die."

"God our Heavenly Father loves us, as we should love him, and he selected his Son, Jesus the Christ, to come to Earth and institute — bring — the gospel."

"God lives. He is our father — our Father in Heaven. . . . I'm honored to stand and bear witness today of the foundation of our church."

"The gospel is true. I know it. I'm a witness of it."

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