Sister Gayle M. Clegg

Primary General Presidency

The pioneers encountered great obstacles and tragedy on the journey west, but they kept moving until they finished their task.

One, Henry Clegg Jr., lost his wife. The same day he buried her, he lost his youngest son. Suffering from cholera himself, he still had 1,000 miles to walk. After several weeks of not writing in his journal after his wife's death, Henry's first entry was, "Still moving."

Latter-day Saints might not be pioneers in the usual sense of the term, but each has tasks they must see through to the finish: raising children, leaving long-established tradition or even family to join the church, carrying out assignments. Whether to finish those tasks is the test they face.

Each person must finish his own race, but the job is easier as members encourage each other and seek the Lord's help.

"How much sweeter the telling when encouragement is called out, when arriving at our destination is valued and celebrated, however long ago the journey commenced."

"With the Lord, nothing is impossible, but we have to finish out our own stories. He sends his spirit, we call out encouragement to each other, but we have to keep writing, keep walking, keep serving and accepting new challenges to the end of our own story. 'Still walking' is the fundamental requirement in the journey of life. He wants us to finish well. He wants us to come back to him. I pray that each of our stories will end in the presence of our Heavenly Father."

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