New stake presidents

A new stake has been created in Colorado.

The Castle Rock Colorado Stake, which includes the Castle Pines, Castle Rock, Founders, Park Meadows, Perry Park, Plum Creek and Woodlands wards, has been created by Elder Robert K. Bills of the Seventy.

CASTLE ROCK COLORADO STAKE: (March 7, 2004) Created from the Parker Colorado Stake and the Highlands Ranch Colorado Stake. President — Douglas Lawrence Polson, 62, chairman of Pacific Energy Part.; wife, Mary Esther Dial Polson. Counselors — Scott DuWayne Kumpf, 40, attorney; wife, Connie Swenson Kumpf. Douglas Reed Haycock, 42; wife, Kathy Jo Kraft Haycock.

BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY 1ST STAKE: (March 14, 2004) President — David Lemar Wilkey, 52, assistant executive director for the Utah High School Activities Association; succeeding Raymond Thomas Bailey Jr.; wife, LoraLee Flynn Wilkey. Counselors — David Ted Lisonbee, 50, CEO of 4Life Research; wife, Bianca Anne Palmieri Lisonbee. Robert Steven Turley, 49, associate dean at BYU; wife, Deon Staffanson Turley.

BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY 3RD STAKE: (March 21, 2004) President — Robert Louis Rowley, 46, owner and president of Intermountain Soft Water; succeeding Richard Lee Hill; wife, Kathryne Nicol Rowley. Counselors — Mark Oliver Bowman, 51, dentist; wife, Teresa Ashman Bowman. John Stephen Dunaway, 57, vice president at CEObuilder; wife, Penny Geraldine Morgan Dunaway.

BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY 8TH STAKE: (March 14, 2004) President — Lynn Evan Garner, 62, professor at BYU; succeeding Reid Adams Robison; wife, Marjorie Kaye Waite Garner. Counselors — Larry Turley Wimmer, 68, economics professor at BYU; wife, Patricia Tischner Hansen Wimmer. Bruce Max Snow, 59, director of LDSF and executive director of BYU Development; wife, Cynthia Louise Hardy Snow.

BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY 19TH (STUDENT SINGLE) STAKE: (March 14, 2004) President — James Russell Kearl, 56, economics professor at BYU; succeeding Thomas Edwin Myers; wife, Linda Kay Durrant Kearl. Counselors — David Blyth Magleby, 54, dean of College of Family, Home and Social Sciences at BYU; wife, Linda Waters Magleby. Dennis Ray Baird, 57, business owner; wife, Christine Jones Baird.

BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY 20TH (STUDENT SINGLE) STAKE: (March 14, 2004) President — Randy James Hoyt, 44, president of a bank; succeeding Ed Jolley Pinegar; wife, Susan L Hall Hoyt. Counselors — Mark Lionel Walker, 44, vice president of operations at Walker's; wife, Tami Seamons Walker. Ronald Harry Olson, 55, owner and president of Ronald Olson Inc.; wife, Charlene Phelps Olson.

CADIZ SPAIN STAKE: (March 14, 2004) President — Juan Manuel Lopez Zajara, 46, physician; succeeding Cristbal Rodriguez Vazquez; wife, Concepcion Fupiani Garcia de Lopez. Counselors — Nicolas Sanchez Crespo, 42, reporting agent for the labor department; wife, Maria Albendea Bonilla de Sanchez. Jose Miguel Morales Gonzalez, 42, CES employee; wife, Maria Ampara de Pando Menacho Morales.

DAEGU KOREA STAKE: (March 21, 2004) President — Duck Soo Bae, 49, director of a medical clinic; succeeding Jeon Jeong Shin; wife, Mi Duck Lee. Counselors — Jong Jin Park, 47, reserve army commander; wife, Kyung Hee Kwon. Lee Byung Man, retained.

ENOCH UTAH STAKE: (Feb. 22, 2004) President — Rulon Larry Brough, 54, program director for Metalcraft Technologies; succeeding Robert A. Rasmussen; wife, Estella Joy Grimshaw Brough. Counselors — Calvin J. Rollins, 53, owner of Rollins & Company; wife, Adeline Johnson Rollins. Bruce Michael Crankshaw, 35, chief operating officer of The Leavitt Group; wife, Lisa Dawn Houser Crankshaw.

GREEN BAY WISCONSIN STAKE: (March 21, 2004) President — Gregory Lewis Krehbiel, 52, maintenance and construction coordinator for Wisconsin Public Service Corp.; succeeding David Odell Peterson; wife, Mary Margaret Gallant Krehbiel. Counselors — John Robert Biolo II, 57, teacher and coach; wife, Julie Rae Hennig Biolo. Timothy George Compton, 43, Spanish professor at Northern Michigan University; wife, Virginia Louise Fordham Compton.

HONOLULU HAWAII WEST STAKE: (March 21, 2004) President — Jonathan Jay Uluhane Serrao, 50, construction representative; succeeding Colin Dale White; wife, Lynette Kam Serrao. Counselors — Frederick Kealii Watson, 46, sales engineer; wife, Deborah Lee Aston Watson. Robert Smith Stubbs, 56, chief of history for U.S. Pacific Command; wife, Nathalie Suzanne Chew Sim Quon Stubbs.

JALAPA MEXICO STAKE: (March 7, 2004) President — Reyes Salvador Velazquez Zarate, 44, school psychologist; succeeding Juan Manuel Vazquez Mata; wife, Ana Matilde Azuara Hernandez de Velazquez. Counselors — Esteban Lopez Benitez, 49, government employee; wife, Noemi Gomez Corrales de Lopez. Gerardo Zarate Luna, 39, project engineer; wife, Eva Ylliana Castillo Campuzano de Zarate.

JAMESTOWN NEW YORK STAKE: (March 14, 2004) President — John Ashley, 50, associate professor at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania; succeeding Bartt K Hollingshead; wife, Rebecca Dianne Risser Ashley. Counselors — Robert Charles Martin, retained. Douglas Alan Foster, 46, biology teacher; wife, Connie Lynn Goss Foster.

LAKE CITY FLORIDA STAKE: (March 14, 2004) President — Joseph Ronald Heath, 61, project manager for Florida Department of Transportation; succeeding Zackary Vincent Smallwood; wife, Merry June Davis Heath. Counselors — William Franklin Mathews, 57, physician assistant; wife, Joanna Jean Hamlin Mathews. Jason Brent Wainwright, 35, owner and general contractor of Wainwright Construction; wife, Dana LeAnn Warthen Wainwright.

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