BYU musicians raise money for Slovenian clinic

LJUBLJANA, Slovenia — A performance by the BYU Chamber Orchestra May 7 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, earned the respect of local concertgoers and raised funds for needed equipment for a local clinic.

Each selection by the orchestra drew sustained applause from the audience. Following the concert, many expressed their delight at the superb quality of music from university students.

The concert was one of many performed by the orchestra during its monthlong tour to many European cities. Proceeds from the concert, along with a humanitarian donation from the Church and LDS Charities, were used to purchase a volumetric spirometer, a device to measure air capacity of the lungs, and other equipment. President Ralph C. Aardema of the Croatia Zagreb Mission presented a check to Biserka Marolt Meden, business director of the Pediatric Clinic.

Milos Pavlic, vice mayor of Ljubljana, welcomed the orchestra at a reception in the picturesque old City Hall where he thanked orchestra members for participating in such a worthy cause. In response, the students sang "As I Have Loved You" for the vice mayor and his staff. One staff member expressed how deeply touched she was by the words and feelings of the song.

Some students visited the Pediatric Hospital prior to the concert and performed for the young patients. They sang, "A Child's Prayer."

Missionaries and local leaders used the opportunity to share the gospel and strengthen less active members. Orchestra members also participated in firesides.

The Slovenian National Television recorded the program for broadcast a week later. Among the dignitaries was U.S. Ambassador Johnny Young.

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