This week in Church history

The anniversary of the martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph Smith was the topic of an address given by Elder Stephen L. Richards of the Quorum of the Twelve during the Ensign Stake Conference in Salt Lake City on Sunday, June 23, 1929.

Elder Richards, who later served as a counselor in the First Presidency, was the main speaker at the conference in the Salt Lake Tabernacle, according to the June 24, 1929, Deseret News.

The article stated, "(Elder Richards) read the impressions of the prophet's life as recorded by the mother of the murdered leader. He said this record is of vital importance because it was written by one who was nearer and dearer to the prophet than any other person living. The prophet had confided in her from the beginning, and she was in a position to know more accurately the conditions surrounding the events of his life than anyone else."

Also speaking at the conference in the Salt Lake Tabernacle was Dr. Erwin D. Starbuck of the University of Iowa. According to the article, he said, "One of the most important features of the LDS Church is that it puts its capital in its youngsters. . . ."

"I have had many friends and pupils of the LDS Church at Stanford and Iowa universities, and I have found them all to be likeable, lovable, clean, morally straight, kind, and spiritually sensitive. Today I have been helped to understand better why this is the case."

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