New stake presidents

A new stake has been created in California.

The San Clemente California Stake, which includes the Capistrano 1st and 2nd, Monarch Beach, San Clemente 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th (Young Single Adult) wards, and the San Clemente 3rd (Spanish) Branch, has been created by Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf of the Seventy.

New Stakes

SAN CLEMENTE CALIFORNIA STAKE: (June 13, 2004) Created from the Laguna Niguel California Stake. President — Curtis Denzil Reese, 42, senior sales manager at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals; wife, Diane Davis Reese. Counselors — William Bluth Bunker, 53, attorney; wife, Ann Patrice Christensen Bunker. David Gray Lindahl, 44, vice president of National Purchasing Corp.; wife, Rene Cheryl Markis Lindahl.

Stake Reorganizations

BORDEAUX FRANCE STAKE: (May 16, 2004) President — Christophe Gabriel Frederic Mortier, 40, general product and marketing manager at TDG; succeeding Hau Bernard Tran Cong; wife, Anne Pierrette Mortz Mortier. Counselors — Alexis Ludovic Defranchi, 43, first tenor in the Bordeaux Opera; wife, Catherine Anne De Lucien Defranchi. Didier Romuald Hoareau, 43, CES coordinator; wife, Isabelle Konieczny Hoareau.

BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA LINIERS STAKE: (May 16, 2004) President — Marcelo Javier Arrieta, 37, CES coordinator; succeeding Roberto Oscar Pitarch; wife, Gloria Alejandra Villarruel Arrieta. Counselors — Emilio Alfonso Arzola Ruiz, 43, CES coordinator assistant; wife, Maria Eugenia Tonini Arzola. Edgardo Luis Perez Moran, 42, vice director of a mass media lab; wife, Silvia Alejandra Caniffi Perez.

CHOLUTECA HONDURAS STAKE: (June 6, 2004) President — Santos Sabino Espinal, 38, teacher; succeeding Edwin Raul Ferman Zelaya; wife, Elsa Marcelina Rivera Lainez de Espinal. Counselors — Ramon Dario Lorenzana Reyes, 38, manager of Cause for Hope Foundation; wife, Gloria Nelly Delgado de Lorenzana. Hugo Armando Canenguez Pinto, 65, retired; wife, Rosa Guadalupe Martin Flores de Canenguez.

JUCHITAN MEXICO STAKE: (May 30, 2004) President — Juan Carlos Ferra Valedo, 34, contractor; succeeding Cipriano Vazquez Guzman; wife, Maria del Rosario Aquino de Ferra. Counselors — Francisco Javier Lopez Ruiz, 37, teacher; wife, Maria Elena Celaya Lopez. Mariano Lopez Jimenez, 45, employee of Pemex; wife, Martha Maria Eleuteno Bonifacio de Lopez.

MEXICO CITY MEXICO ARBOLILLO STAKE: (June 6, 2004) President — Alberto de la O Gamboa, 48, CES institute director; succeeding Abraham Martinez Cevon; wife, Lidia Salinas Villazaez de la O. Counselors — Manuel Araiz Chavez, 56, seminary teacher; wife, Elsa del Rio Martinez Chavez. Robert Edgar Vega Godinez, 31, legal consultant; wife, Sara Compa¬Ě Puertos Vega.

OREM UTAH CANYON VIEW STAKE: (June 6, 2004) President — Chris Daniel Killpack, 45, president and CEO of Radio Communications Inc.; succeeding Daniel K Judd; wife, Shelby Lin Williams Killpack. Counselors — David Thomas Kenison, 47, engineering manager at BYU; wife, Bonnie Lynn Spengler Kenison. Keven John Stratton, 42, attorney, farmer and business owner; wife, Laurie Ann Miller Stratton.

SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIA WEST STAKE: (June 6, 2004) President — Ronald Edward Dillender, 56, budget and finance manager; succeeding Rand Russell Ollerton; wife, Margaret Mohler Dillender. Counselors — Stephen Charles Conran, 50, general contractor; wife, LaraLee Devey Conran. Pui-Yan Kwok, 48, professor; wife, Abby A. Li Kwok.

TUXTEPEC MEXICO STAKE: (June 6, 2004) President — Jesus Manuel Hernandez Alarcon, 39, Church employee; succeeding Tomas Medina Cuevas; wife, Epifania Lopez Ronquillo Hernandez. Counselors — Guillermo Pardo Flores, 46; wife, Claudia Rodriguez Flores. Jesus Perez Medina, 42, assembly director at an engineering firm; wife, Maria Guadalupe Recendez Garza Perez.

VERACRUZ MEXICO MOCAMBO STAKE: (May 23, 2004) President — Jose de la Rosa Solana Azcorra, 43, professor; succeeding Mauricio Morales Lagunes; wife, Susana Utrera Utrera de Solana. Counselors — Guillermo Sosa Aviles, 43, government employee; wife, Maria Cristina Velazquez Nolasco de Sosa. Rafael Rosales Monter, 47, business owner; wife, Elia Jaime Toscano Rosales.

WATFORD ENGLAND STAKE: (May 16, 2004) President — Lee Sheppard, 47, operations director at Encoda Systems; succeeding Neal Verman; wife, Pamela Workman Sheppard. Counselors — Milton Roberto Fu, retained. Austin John Levens, retained.

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