Becoming a joyful wife and mother

In her Campus Education Week presentation, "The Indescribable Ups and Downs of Motherhood," Linda Eyre, author and former Utah Mother of the Year, offered "Twelve Ways to Be a More Joyful Wife and Mother:"

  • "Find Peace amidst the chaos by putting first things first. There are many things that seem important — organizing 'events,' PTA assignments, cleaning windows, shopping and so on — that may be taking huge amounts of time from the relationships you have with your husband and children. Discipline yourself to prioritize the most important things first.
  • "Don't always be logical. Often logic just doesn't work when planning and dealing with a family.
  • "Progressively nurture divine love. . . . Bemoaning strange habits, bad judgments and immaturity can obscure the divine love that you need to feel if you don't constantly remind yourself of its importance. Learning not to judge goes hand and hand with this particular 'commandment.'
  • "Laugh sooner rather than later. The fewer hours spent in misery because of a daily crisis or disaster, the better.
  • "Have a formula for dealing with guilt. . . . The best solution for dealing with guilt is to tell your husband or children that you're sorry for mistakes you may have made. Advise them not to make the same mistakes. Remind yourself that there is still time to change.
  • "Put your husband first. . . . It is important to remember that having a great relationship with your husband is the most important thing you can give your children.
  • "Educate yourself. Although it may seem that your own needs always come last, one of the things that can keep your life exciting is to continue to educate yourself, even in the throes of motherhood. . . . Make time for an art class, a parenting class, a book club, an exercise class, a cooking class.
  • "Ask for help. . . . Instead of being a martyr and feeling overwhelmed and depressed, explain your feelings to your husband and your children and enlist their help.
  • "Have a passion for something and remember your dreams. . . . If you share your dreams with your husband and your children, they'll be much more likely to help you fulfill your dreams, even as you are helping them with theirs.
  • "Have faith. Develop what we call at our house, 'confident humility.'
  • "Celebrate your accomplishments. Remind yourself that you're doing the most important job in the world.
  • "Treasure the moments. . . . Remember that life is beautiful."

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