Education Week: Finding 'Wisdom and Great Treasures'

PROVO, Utah — The 2004 BYU Campus Education Week came to a close Aug. 20 after more than 22,000 attended hundreds of classes from 191 faculty. Using the theme, "Finding 'Wisdom and Great Treasures of Knowledge,' " the faculty taught about such issues as family and marriage, parenting, psychology and human relations. (Please see Aug. 21, 2004, issue.)

"Education Week was great this year," said Neil Carlile, director of Campus Education Week. "I visited with patrons and they said how much they enjoyed the week and how much they learned. Several said this is the week they come to really just get renewed for the coming year.

"It was a great week. It ran very smoothly," he continued. "We just appreciate the whole university for their support and all of our teachers, especially, who prepared and taught so well."

In this issue, the Church News concludes this year's coverage and includes a broadcast schedule of 2004 Campus Education Week addresses.

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