'Example of the power the gospel has' in West Africa

PROVO, Utah — In his Campus Education Week course, "African Pioneers: Their Challenges, Faith, and Miracles," E. Dale LeBaron spoke of the faith of the African pioneers who have built the Church up on the African continent.

Then, relating an "example of the power the gospel has," Brother LeBaron, a former South Africa mission president and professor emeritus of Church history and doctrine at BYU, spoke of how he and his wife, Laura, were often called upon to help host African guests at Church headquarters. One man from Ghana, "really impressed me. He was brilliant."

Brother LeBaron said the man had studied for and earned a doctorate in economics and finance at a leading university in the United States. After returning to his native Ghana, "he was so sought after that they brought him into the highest level of government as the minister of finance. He performed a miracle. He turned the economy of Ghana around. . . .

"As we were coming toward the end of our tour (in Salt Lake City), I asked him a question. 'I'm amazed you were able to accomplish what you did. What was the key?" Brother LeBaron asked.

The Ghanian answered: "I knew in order for us to get the economy out of a bottomless pit, we have to eliminate corruption at the government level."

Brother LeBaron said the man told him "he spent a few months just observing everybody involved in the key roles in the entire government. He could only find two men who would not take a bribe."

He brought in those two men as his assistants, the Ghanian continued, then added, "I did not know until this trip that those two men were members of your church."

Later, when the first two stakes were organized in Ghana, one of those men was called as a stake president, the other as a counselor, Brother LeBaron said. "What a great testimony of how the Lord raised up people to bless their people and not just their Church."

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