Ivory Coast LDS travel to temple

ACCRA, Ghana — After an 18-hour bus ride — including a six-hour border delay — members of the Abobo Ivory Coast Stake arrived at the Accra Ghana Temple on Aug. 10 for what they called "a historic voyage to the Accra Ghana Temple."

The 98 youth, 83 adults and 27 children, who had planned to attend the new temple for a stake youth camp since the temple dedication in January of this year, arrived in four big buses after traveling over rough roads since early the previous day. During their four-day stay, the youth performed ordinances in behalf of individuals that never had the opportunity to perform these ordinances for themselves.

"I am happy to be here to have done some ordinances in the temple," said Dakoury Marie Laure of the Dokui Ward. "It is really a beautiful thing to come to the temple of the Lord. It is fantastic to do ordinances for ancestors."

During the youth camp, with the theme, "One Day I Would Go Through the Temple," the young people and other members began each day at 5 a.m. Scheduled activities included seminary classes, firesides, temple ordinances, sports, and meals. Each evening participants had the opportunity to write in his or her journal. Over 4,000 temple ordinances were performed in four days.

Upon completion of Thursday morning temple ordinances, the youth climbed back into the buses for a surprise addition to their schedule. They were driven to the Missionary Training Center in Tema. There, they demonstrated great interest in learning how to prepare for a mission. The youth participated in workshops on music and on "The Standard of Truth."

Missionary Training Center President Ritchie was elated when 100 percent of the group raised their hands and committed to read the Book of Mormon and accept Moroni's challenge in Moroni 10:4. They also committed to serve missions in the future.

A Friday evening fireside at the Christiansborg Stake Center highlighted the importance of temple work.

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