This week in Church history

"Every year finds a steady increase in the number of tourists who come to visit the Tabernacle and other centers of interest in Salt Lake City," wrote Elder Levi Edgar Young, president of the Temple Square Mission, in an Aug. 4, 1929, issue of the Deseret News.

"I am safe in saying," continued Elder Young, "that nearly every person who visits the mission is fine in character and noble in purpose. It is only now and then that we have had to call an officer of the law to look after some difficulty, although we have upwards of a quarter of a million tourists who visit us every year.

"I think that these tourists partake of the spirit of this mission and that spirit is one of generous purpose. Any faith that lasts will teach righteousness toward men as a part of duty toward God. . . .

"In this particular mission field on Temple Square we come in close contact with people from every nation, every creed, every race, every tongue. They come in a peculiar frame of mind — they are curious, open minded, tolerant and pleasant and without fear of the petty worries and anxieties of everyday life. They are on a vacation, free and observant, critical and appreciative.

"For these reasons and many others I believe this mission to be the greatest in the world. . . .

"For the thousands who come to visit us are among some of the best educated people of the world."

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