New stake presidents

A new stake has been created in North Carolina.

The Fayetteville North Carolina West Stake, which includes the Fayetteville 3rd, Fort Bragg Military, Pembroke, Pinehurst and Sanford wards, and the Laurinburg, Morganton Road (YSA) and Rockingham branches, has been created by Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve.

New stakes

FAYETTEVILLE NORTH CAROLINA WEST STAKE: (Sept. 19, 2004) Created from the Fayetteville North Carolina Stake. President — Edward Earl Brock Jr., 40; wife, Marnell Dustin Brock. Counselors — Forest Howard Berg, 59, retired executive at General Electric; wife, Irja Liisa Hanski Berg. Dave Frederick Cloutier Jr., 56, self-employed law enforcement training consultant; wife, Georgia Kay Howard Cloutier.

Stake reorganizations

ABILENE TEXAS STAKE: (Sept. 19, 2004) President — Charles Lon Webb, 66, retired; succeeding Thomas Lee Adams; wife, Patricia Ann Fell Webb. Counselors — Michael Edward Dalby, 46, president of the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce; wife, Georgia Elizabeth Peterson Dalby. Brandt Kevin Tibbitts, 44, first officer at Southwest Airlines; wife, Suzan Leilani VanWagoner Tibbitts.

FAYETTEVILLE NORTH CAROLINA STAKE: (Sept. 19, 2004) President — Joseph Newton Catlett Jr., 41, dentist; succeeding James Callis Mooring; wife, Marie LaVoun Brown Catlett. Counselors — John Dale Mann, 49, general manager of National Linen Service; wife, Sherrie Lynn Depew Mann. Charles B Gwilliam, 49, distribution manager at Arvin Meritor; wife, Lorna Taylor Gwilliam.

GENERAL ROCA ARGENTINA STAKE: (Sept. 5, 2004) President — Jose Cornelio Reyes, 49, subcontractor; succeeding Juan Quinto Papino; wife, Virginia Campos Reyes. Counselors — Sergio Omar Romero, 29, janitor for the Church; wife, Leticia Elizabet Galvan Romero. Flavio Moises Damian Fernandez, 29, supermarket foreman; wife, Patricia Noemi Contreras Fernandez.

GUADALAJARA MEXICO MIRADOR STAKE: (Sept. 12, 2004) President — Martin Martinez Luna, 41, manager; succeeding Jose Romero Gutierrez; wife, Ruby Mercedes Torres Paz de la Vega Martinez. Counselors — Crescenciano Loza Perez, 52, employee of a notary; wife, Cruz Lopez Martinez de Loza. Israel Herman Arteaga, 31, sales executive; wife, Norma Yedid Zaragoza Mendoza de Herman.

HURRICANE UTAH STAKE: (Sept. 19, 2004) President — John Wayne Bramall, 47, president of Traditions Health Care; succeeding Glenn E Stratton; wife, Constance Polve Bramall. Counselors — Brian Keith Chandler, 41, assistant building engineer supervisor at the St. George Utah Temple; wife, Tami Campbell Chandler. Kelvar James Lundeen, 44, dentist; wife, Tina Marie Campbell Lundeen.

KENT WASHINGTON STAKE: (Sept. 19, 2004) President — Mark Joseph Maucotel, 44, director of finance and controller at Milgard Manufacturing; succeeding Dale Knight Price Jr.; wife, Audrey Pratt Maucotel. Counselors — Bruce W. Sabey, 54, employee of Weyerhawser Co.; wife, Deanne McCausland Sabey. Darold Richard Stroud, 34, president of DRS Financial Services; wife, Maria Teresa Chacon Stroud.

KINGSLAND GEORGIA STAKE: (Sept. 19, 2004) President — Mark DuRant McDonald, 45, president and CEO of M.D. McDonald Construction Co.; succeeding Dale Green McCullers; wife, Robin Marty Stewart McDonald. Counselors — Kevin Eugene Washington, 50, principal and coordinator of First District RESA; wife, Clara Marie Wilson Washington. Nephi Chad Watt, 58, works in multimedia production at Lockheed Martin; wife, Kay Haslem Watt.

MEXICO CITY IZTAPALAPA STAKE: (Sept. 12, 2004) President — Cesar Augusto Chavez Rios, 33, project coordinator; succeeding Armando Narvaez Maldonado; wife, Claudia Gabriela Duran Camacho de Chavez. Counselors — Javier Garcia Diaz, 40, analyst for the Church; wife, Maria Patricia Ocampo Ramirez de Garcia. Agustin Valencia Guzman, 36, institute director for CES; wife, Leticia Garcia Castillo de Valencia.

OKAZAKI JAPAN STAKE: (Aug. 8, 2004) President — Yasuo Komiya, 51, CES coordinator; succeeding Tsukahara Toshihide; wife, Nagaike Michiko Komiya. Counselors — Fumio Nakanishi, 55, head of Livestock Improvement Association of Japan; wife, Wasumi Takagi Nakanishi. Takashi Nakayama, 41, leader of Intelligence Service; wife, Chihiro Tanaka Nakayama.

ROGERS ARKANSAS STAKE: (Sept. 19, 2004) President — David Owen Stout, 50, senior buyer for Wal-Mart; succeeding David Joseph Harris; wife, Carolyn Lee Stout. Counselors — James William Beutler, 40, buyer for Wal-Mart; wife, Sheryl Renee Sloan Beutler. Thomas Hal Bradford, 40, physician; wife, Anne Elizabeth Brown Bradford.

SCHAUMBURG ILLINOIS STAKE: (Sept. 12, 2004) President — Wilford Dwaine Wagner, 48, principal at West Leyden High School; succeeding Ronald B Peterson; wife, Leslie Marjean Peterson Wagner. Counselors — Robert Blakemore Nelson, 52, senior coordinator at MACTEC Inc.; wife, Marsha Kae Zitting Nelson. Thomas Kwamena Appiah Jr., 40, product manager for Motorola; wife, Katrina Marie Allen Appiah.

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