Joined search for missing children

BANGKOK, Thailand — When tragedy struck close friends, the family of Christie Waldron of the Bangkok (English Speaking) Branch, Bangkok Thailand Stake, became keenly aware of the effects of the earthquake and tsunami catastrophe in southern Asia.

"One of our 6-year old son's dear friends, whose parents have become good friends of ours as well, were vacationing in Khao Lak, Thailand, (near Phuket) during the Christmas Holidays," Sister Waldron wrote in an e-mail.

Caught in the tsunamis, the parents were critically injured and flown to a Bangkok hospital, but their two young children were missing. And considering the injuries suffered by the parents, Sister Waldron said it was feared the children might not have survived.

She wrote, "Neither of the parents is able to conduct a search, so many mutual friends have gone down to the islands to look for the children."

The hard part, Sister Waldron said, is that there are so many people in similar or worse situations than their friends. But, she added, there has been an overwhelming outpouring of compassion and service among the people of Bangkok.

"My husband heard that there were 47,000 volunteer searchers in Thailand alone," Sister Waldron said, "searching makeshift morgues, sorting through rubble, doing anything to help families connect with missing loved ones."

She concluded, "We quickly see how fragile human life is and how dependent we are on our Heavenly Father for daily breath and protection. Thank goodness for the Savior who gives us hope for a life hereafter."

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