Youth speak up for seminary on radio

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The host of a radio talk show here invited several seminary students in Memphis, Bartlett and Germantown, Tenn., to be his on-air guests for his show "Talk It Out" that is broadcast on 40 radio stations nationwide.

Father Don Mowery, a retired Episcopalian priest, asked the students to give up a morning of their Christmas school vacation to discuss seminary and how it has affected their lives. Father Mowery recorded the program at the Memphis Tennessee North Stake Center.

Kirk Garrett of the Bartlett 1st Ward teared up as he bore his testimony of seminary and what he felt it had done for him. As Kirk apologized to the radio host for the broken voice, Father Mowery simply replied, "I see 'bishop' in your future."

During the course of the interview, he asked the youth, "Do you have family home evening in your home?" Josh Brereton of the Bartlett 1st Ward said his family played games to keep the little children entertained for the lesson, and Kirk admitted that his family has more family discussions than planned out lessons. Both agreed that family home evening played an important part in their lives.

Father Mowery asked the youth about their future, and if they planned to go on a mission. Rachel Cherry of the Bartlett 1st Ward said that her sister had recently returned home from a mission, and it made her think more about a mission, depending on what she was doing at the time she turned 21. Father Mowery asked her where "Rachel Cherry will be in 10 years?" She replied, "Have a family, graduated from college."

The students stated that seminary set them on the right track for their day and, without it, their day rarely went as well. The youth stood tall and firm in their testimonies of studying the scriptures and the strength they draw from doing so.

After the recording session, the students demonstrated "scripture chase" for Father Mowery, who smiled at the true happiness emanating from those in the room as they showed him their "marked" scripture references. The radio show aired the first week of January on various AM and FM stations throughout the United States.

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