New stake presidents

A new stake has been created in Colombia.

The Bucaramanga Colombia Terrazas Stake, which includes the Central, Giron, Los Pinos, Real de Minas and Terrazas wards, was created by Elder Claudio R.M. Costa of the Seventy.

New stake president

BUCARAMANGA COLOMBIA TERRAZAS STAKE: (Jan. 16, 2005) Created from the Bucaramanga Colombia Stake. President — Nelson Ardila Vasquez, 37, CES employee; wife, Liliana Yulieth Duran Rojas de Ardila. Counselors — Simon Sandoval Quintero, 52, diesel mechanic; wife, Yaneth Sarmiento Mantillo de Sandoval. Carlos Humberto Rueda Consuegra, 29, systems engineer; wife, Marisol Luna Munoz de Rueda.

Stake reorganizations

FORT WALTON BEACH FLORIDA STAKE: (Feb. 6, 2005) President — Melvin Miller, 63, retired director of engineering at EJM Aerospace; succeeding Robert Edward Hill; wife, Betty Jean Davis Miller. Counselors — Carlos Olin Jones Jr., 47, owner of the Seafood Connection; wife, Tammy Joyce Cook Jones. Raul Tinajero Campa, 58, aerospace engineer; wife, Estherlina Ruiz Campa.

IDAHO FALLS IDAHO TAYLOR MOUNTAIN STAKE: (Jan. 30, 2005) President — Kay Linford Christensen, 53, physician; succeeding J Rodney Hayes; wife, Cecile Baker Christensen. Counselors — Daniel George Hatch, 47, vice president of operations at Basic American Foods; wife, Callie Clark Hatch. Rodney Harold Hillam, 42, orthodontist; wife, Melanie Joyce Johnson Hillam.

MEXICO CITY PARAISO STAKE: (Jan. 30, 2005) President — Juan Carlos Ramirez Velazco, 37, service engineer for Xerox; succeeding Gilberto Lule Cervantes; wife, Claudia Elena Figueroa Garcia de Ramirez. Counselors — Jose Armando Perez Mejia, 50, industrial engineer; wife, Susana Adriana Perez Gonzalez de Perez. Heberto Luna Angel, 46, teacher; wife, Maria Olivia Mendoza Carrisoza de Luna.

ROSEBURG OREGON STAKE: (Feb. 6, 2005) President — Jon Edward Hopkins, 52, commercial real estate investor and rancher; succeeding Harold Owen Foutz; wife, Andria Folsom Hopkins. Counselors — Clemens Robert Singer, retained. Steven Randolph Vincent, 59, dental lab consultant; wife, Dianna Lee Frederick Vincent.

SOUTH OGDEN UTAH STAKE: (Jan. 16, 2005) President — Bruce Dean Jardine, 48, president of Lynn Woodward Electric; succeeding Roy Edward Stuart; wife, Diane Woodward Jardine. Counselors — Robert Bruce Hoggan, 61, retired; wife, Lynda Orrock Hoggan. John Stanley Friden, 57, physician; wife, Peggy Parsons Friden.

TECALCO MEXICO STAKE: (Jan. 16, 2005) President — Elias Martinez Caoba, 41, government employee; succeeding Joaquin Toledano Amaro; wife, Ana Bertha Rosales Perez. Counselors — Jorge Rojas Rivera, 61, self-employed; wife, Juana Lopez Hernandez de Rojas. Julio Rosas Morales, 57, self-employed; wife, Josefina Alejandra Serrano Perez de Rosas.

TEMPE ARIZONA STAKE: (Jan. 23, 2005) President — Leland William Clegg, 52, president of United Commercial Program Managers; succeeding Brent L Jameson; wife, Debra Orton Clegg. Counselors — Howard Lynn Bodily II, 54, construction manager at RTM Commercial Builders; wife, Cynthia Kay Hartman Bodily. Boyd O. Brown, 53, terminal manager for Beneto Bulk Transport; wife, Eva Jeanette Wallace Brown.

WEST JORDAN UTAH JORDAN OAKS STAKE: (Jan. 9, 2005) President — Jesse Rich Baer, 49, facility manager for the Church; succeeding Jerrald M Jensen; wife, Elizabeth Ann Hanson Baer. Counselors — Marlo Sam Stradley, 47, program manager at Alliant TechSystems; wife, Sandra Treglown Stradley. David George Stoddard, 51, area executive director for Jordan School District; wife, Denise Nelson Stoddard.

WEST JORDAN UTAH MOUNTAIN VIEW STAKE: (Jan. 30, 2005) President — Don Edward Thomason, 48, business owner; succeeding Jay Kent Francis; wife, Lynn Robin Stockwell Thomason. Counselors — Nolan Dee Gerber, retained. Ronald Charles Jones, 68, retired hospital administrator for IHC; wife, Nancy Christensen Jones.

WHITTIER CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Jan. 9, 2005) President — Harry Lee Marco, 61, retired; succeeding Gary Bruce Walburger; wife, Mary Ann Ford Marco. Counselors — Frank Fern Jackman II, 48, president of FJR Pacific Corp.; wife, Sherri Kay Freeman Jackman. Gerald Mark McKeon, 51, insurance agent; wife, Amy Valeria Watkins McKeon.

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