Renovating vocational center

JINJA, Uganda — A vocational rehabilitation center here was renovated recently in a project sponsored by LDS Humanitarian Services and the Cyorrf Foundation for Community Development, a local non-profit organization. The center, which provides care for 95 girls with disabilities, is a government institution established in 1971 to equip these youth with vocational skills. The buildings had been so dilapidated they were almost unfit for human shelter. All its window shutters, glasses and doors had been looted, rotten and broken during the 1979 war and nothing had been done to replace them.

The center now has new verandas around all the buildings, seven ramps for easy access by the disadvantaged girls, new windows, new doors and new ventilators. Wheelchairs were donated by Humanitarian Services and the Wheelchair Foundation, and the center was provided with new sewing machines.

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