This week in Church history

25 years ago

The Church's consolidated meeting plan was inaugurated in the United States on Sunday, March 2, 1980, the Church News reported in its March 8, 1980, issue.

The article reported on the change from meetings scattered throughout the week — Primary and Relief Society — and throughout the day on Sunday to a three-hour time block on Sunday.

"The new schedule brings everyone to the meetinghouse at the same time," the article stated.

It explained, "In addition to curing what some call 'Mormon Meetingitis,' the new schedule gives members more time to spend with their families, pursue personal study and self-improvement, render Christian service, and become involved in community and civic affairs.

"Emphasis is placed on the individual and the family's responsibility for proper observance of the Sabbath. Since all Church meetings are now contained within the three-hour block, members have more time to spend on their own away from structured programs.

"The First Presidency has suggested some appropriate Sunday activities: personal study of the scriptures and family-centered gospel study; writing personal and family histories; doing genealogy and missionary work; visiting the sick and the homebound; strengthening family ties; giving service to others."

Areas outside the United States implemented the consolidated meeting time on May 4.

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