This week in Church history

75 years ago

President Heber J. Grant presided over and spoke at a meeting in the Salt Lake Tabernacle about religious freedom on Sunday, March 23, 1930, according to the following day's Deseret News.

The interdenominational meeting was called in response to reports that Soviet Russia was suppressing religious freedom. It was attended by leaders from several churches including the president of the Salt Lake Ministerial Association, the vicar general of the Salt Lake diocese of the Catholic Church, a rabbi from a local Jewish congregation and the bishop of the Episcopal diocese of Utah.

In the opening address, Rabbi J.E. Krikstein said, according to the article, "The great diversity of religious belief among men is a natural and inevitable fact and is, moreover, amply justified."

Of the information about Soviet Russia, the article quoted President Grant saying, "If the reports are not true, we are not protesting, but if they are true they violate the beliefs of the Church."

The article also reported: "In the closing speech, President Grant read one of the articles of faith of the Church with the last part of Section 134 of the Doctrine and Covenants to show that the Church asks the right to worship as it will and gives that right to all others. He said that reports are that Soviet Russia is not allowing that right, in which case it is our solemn protest against any and all nations who fail to do so."

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