New stake presidents

Stake reorganizations

DENVER COLORADO STAKE: (April 17, 2005) President — Richard Leonard Millett Jr., 44, CFO at Office Source; succeeding Dennis Creed Brimhall; wife, Julie Ann Whitlock. Counselors — Richard Lloyd George, 51, management consultant at Sorenson Capital; wife, Jennifer Lynn Geer George. Gregory John Anderson, 43, real estate broker; wife, Gerry Amburr Gibbons Anderson.

KANESVILLE UTAH STAKE: (May 1, 2005) President — Kirk Fred Smith, 39, CES employee; succeeding Brian Jay Melaney; wife, Annalisa Felt Smith. Counselors — Jeffrey Jay Charlesworth, 40, IT director for Defense Logistics Agency at Hill Air Force Base; wife, Katherine Sarah Cline Charlesworth. Mitchell Darrell Godfrey, 45, owner of Wasatch Data; wife, Stacy Lynne Shurtliff Godfrey.

LEHI UTAH NORTH STAKE: (May 1, 2005) President — Larry Jan Lew, 53, division president at Wells Fargo Bank; succeeding Richard Madsen Ellsworth; wife, Susanna Yin-Mei Chan Lew. Counselors — Robert Alan Keate, 45, manufacturing engineer for Detroit Diesel Remanufacturing; wife, Jeanette Hunter Keate. Kenneth Scott Raines, 43, accounting manager for the Perpetual Education Fund; wife, Edee Laura Hawkley Raines.

RIO DE JANEIRO BRAZIL ANDARAI STAKE: (April 24, 2005) President — Edvaldo de Barros Pinto Jr., 37, judicial analyst; succeeding Cirley Carrilho Cardoso; wife, Renata Moreira Costa Pinto. Counselors — Jorge Amaro Gomes Mendes, 44, accountant; wife, Maria Elisabeth Bitencourt Amarante Mendes. Carlos Eduardo Greco, 43, investigator; wife, Edna Villar de Freitas.

SALT LAKE HUNTER COPPERHILL STAKE: (April 10, 2005) President — Stanley Willis Rosenlof, 50, vice president of service, documentation and training at Daifuku America Corp.; succeeding David Gail Cazier; wife, Julie Ann Johnston Rosenlof. Counselors — Brian Layne Oborn, 44, assistant manager at Key Bank; wife, Karen Lynn Tolley Oborn. Paul Steven Hatch, 46, senior designer at Caldwell Richards Sorensen; wife, Christine Schow Hatch.

SMITHFIELD UTAH STAKE: (May 1, 2005) President — Douglas Allen Nielson, 51, owner and manager of Willowbrook Cabinets; succeeding Gerry Lee Hodges; wife, Mary Susan VanLeeuwen Nielson. Counselors — Steven Charles Jenson, 52, director of housekeeping and dining at Utah State University; wife, Jana Rae Workman Jenson. Martin Edward Blair, 39, program administrator at Utah State University; wife, Kathi Roberts Blair.

SUGAR HILL GEORGIA STAKE: (May 1, 2005) President — Benjamin William Wood, 44, vice president at Roper Industries; succeeding George Wangemann; wife, Dawn Angela Adams Wood. Counselors — Craig Russell Pett, 49, attorney; wife, Nora June Slay Pett. Gary Clyde Niedfeldt, 51, vice president of purchasing at Wayne Farms; wife, Karen Olsen Niedfeldt.

WORLAND WYOMING STAKE: (May 1, 2005) President — Jerry Michael Snyder, 51, business owner; succeeding Bradley Reed Wilde; wife, Clarlyn Ellen Workman Snyder. Counselors — Kennie R Weeks, 50, self-employed; wife, Madeline Frances Oleson Weekes. Charles Lynn Duncan, 63, agriculturist; wife, Susan Hart Story Duncan.

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