Youth learn at devotional the value of scripture study

Studying the scriptures opens the heart to revelation by the Holy Ghost, said Daniel K. Judd, first counselor in the Sunday School general presidency.

Brother Judd spoke to a gathering of youth in the Assembly Hall as part of the Temple Square Youth Devotional Series May 11 on the subject of "Nourished by the Word." Conducted by Elaine S. Dalton, second counselor in the Young Women general presidency, the devotional was recorded for broadcast with others in the series beginning in August on BYU-TV. The Sunday School, Young Men and Young Women general presidencies attended.

In his address, Brother Judd told of personal experiences in which scriptural truths helped him. He also invited several youth to join him at the podium, who spoke of facing the difficult challenges typical of their times, and how reading the scriptures helped them to deal with these challenges and build their testimonies.

"The most important witness any of us can expect to have in our lives is the witness that comes by the power of the Holy Ghost," Brother Judd instructed. He explained that conversion without this influence could result in social or cultural converts.

"This testimony of the heart and not just of the head will carry (you) through every storm of adversity. And my dear, dear friends, I would pray with all of my heart that each of you will use these scriptures to do just that."

Further, he said, "I can testify to you that as we learn to love these holy scriptures — as we make the sacrifices to learn to love them, to feel the Holy Ghost bear testimony of them — that no matter where we go, no matter what we do or what challenges come to us, we have the source of revelation right here with us at all times that can give us the direction we need."

He said that as did Nephi of the Book of Mormon, "each of us must go though a transition process where we open our hearts to do things God's way and not our own."

He said that as youth read the scriptures, "revelation comes to you between the lines . . . as you ponder with an open heart to receive the revelations the Lord has for you to help with those challenges."

He counseled the youth that each has a teaching mission ahead and "I pray that you will prepare well for that."

"The best way to learn is to teach, but it goes way beyond that because each of us has a responsibility to teach the gospel. There are people everywhere who need what we have. But we must prepare, we must learn to love the word of God, as it brings us to Christ, as it brings us to be the Savior's servants."

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