San Antonio Texas Temple facts

Announced: Temple announced June 24, 2001; site announced Aug. 19, 2002.

Location: 20080 Stone Oak Parkway (at Hardy Oak Boulevard), San Antonio, Texas 78258.

Presidency: A. Ray Otte, president; James Keith Knepp, first counselor; John Edgar Fike, second counselor.

Site: About 5.5 acres.

Exterior finish: Granite.

Temple design: Traditional.

Architects and contractors: Rehler, Vaughn & Koone; Jacobsen Construction.

Project manager: Vern Martindale.

Rooms: Celestial room, two endowment rooms, two sealing rooms and baptistry with font resting on 12 fiberglass oxen.

Total floor area: Approximately 16,800 square feet.

Dimensions: 97 feet wide by 191 feet long; height to top of statue is 115 feet.

District: Eleven stakes and two districts in southwest Texas.

Pertinent facts: Announced by letter from the First Presidency to local priesthood leaders. Site was dedicated March 29, 2003, by Elder Bruce J. Stucki. Open house was held April 16-May 7, 2005, excluding Sundays. Open House attendance: 69,679. Dedicated in four sessions on May 22, 2005, by President Gordon B. Hinckley; dedication attendance: 14,069.

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