Addressing police officers

ACCRA, GHANA — Efforts of missionaries in the Ghana Accra Mission to make contacts on the streets culminated recently with a devotional held for more than 100 police officers at the Tesano Police Training College. The college is a complex of buildings where the police officers stay for periods of time to learn additional methods and to upgrade their skills. Commissioner of Police Gifty Anin-Botwe, head of Police Human Resources, who has studied with the missionaries, invited them to give a presentation on the Church.

The March event was the result of ongoing efforts on the part of several elders to have street stands with displays. They held a "Film Friday" during which Church videos were shown.

"We have held street stands now in numerous locations around Accra and the response has been phenomenal," said Elder Samuel Gould of Cardiff, Wales. "In the space of just a couple of hours we have sometimes spoken with more than 100 people, some of whom have attended Church with us."

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