Massive floods take life of Brazilian member

RECIFE, Brazil — One Church member died, and dozens more were displaced, when heavy rains caused massive flooding and mud slides in northeast Brazil the first week of June.

No missionaries were injured in the disaster, which left 27 member families displaced and several Latter-day Saint homes beyond repair. Teresa da Silvaof the Lagoa Encantada Ward, Recife Brazil Imbiribeira Stake, died in the flooding. Her husband, Francisco Xavier Da Silva, escaped injury when the couple's house was hit with a mudslide.

Church leaders sent emergency relief items to the community, where more than 200,000 people were evacuated from their homes, and thousands more were stranded due to the widespread flooding, according to a Church welfare report. A state of emergency was declared in 23 cities in Pernambuco.

While there was no reported damage to Church buildings, a rented building in the area received substantial flooding, according to the welfare report. Missionaries living upstairs in the building were stranded for two days, waiting for flood waters to recede, said Ageo Levi Minharo, the Church's Brazil North Area welfare manager.

Brother Minharo said the region received more water in three days than they usually get the entire month of June. "Most of the population has flood water inside their houses," he said.

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