Not feasible to market mission bamboo banks

QUEZON CITY, Philippines — Youth of the Camiling Philippines West District made bamboo coin banks last spring as a motivation to save money as part of their preparation for their missions. An article in the Church News (Aug. 20, 2005) described the project.

Elder Richard J. Maynes of the Seventy and president of the Philippines Area said he appreciated feedback from many people about the article and the interest they have in buying similar banks from the prospective missionaries in the Philippines to support them and to encourage their own youth to save. However, he said, it would not be possible for the Church to respond to these kinds of requests.

Elder Maynes said he would encourage other leaders to think of ways to motivate and inspire their youth to prepare for missions. He also said that those interested in supporting missionary work around the world could donate to the Church's general missionary fund.

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