This week in Church history

50 years ago

President David O. McKay spoke about the key to happiness in the home and in society prior to dedicating the San Fernando (California) Stake Center on Sunday, Oct. 30, 1955, according to the Nov. 5, 1955, Church News.

The article opened: "Declaring that there are some 'old-fashioned principles conducive to happiness in youth, harmony in the home and good will in society,' President David O. McKay counseled an overflow audience."

That counsel included an admonition to completely cease doing what is wrong rather than tapering off.

He listed several principles of happiness including honoring father and mother, and doing good to neighbors.

Another principle President McKay spoke about was making money. He said it is a good principle to make money to provide for loved ones. But he continued, "If one provides, then gathers, but hoards instead of conquering the earth, building factories, making the country great economically, it becomes a vice. He becomes a miser, and as his pile grows his soul shrivels."

He also mentioned dancing which "is a virtue under proper conditions" but "may become a vice when it goes beyond the limit of propriety and decency."

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